How many hypo lines are there?

Is it just ghost and orange ghost refurd to a hypo

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You mean lines? Because there are a lot of hypo morphs/combos

Most hypo lines are compatible Hypo, Orange Ghost, Bell, Butterscotch and a few others are.

Some are not compatible however they are not widely work with.


By you asking do I mean lines ?

Does that mean orange ghost and ghost are the same but different lines ie bannan and coral glow

And I mean single gean only no combo

So basically what does the term hypo refer to ?

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Hypo refers to the term “Hypomelanistic” which means “a less than normal amount of melanin” and describes a condition of reduced pigmentation. The mutation manifests itself as a lighter colored, “ghostly” looking animal - hence the original slang “ghost”.

Historically there have been Hypos, Orange Ghosts, Blue Ghost, Green Ghost, and so on. They are all technically “hypomelanistic”. Some of these lines (such as the generic hypo and orange ghost) have proven compatible but were derived from different lineages. In this case you could compare it to the difference between coral glow/banana. In other cases the lines are not compatible and represent different genes or mutations that only resemble each other visually. Hope this helps!


The short answer if you want at least a somewhat accurate idea of how many lines there are use the MM search tool or morph list.

One line that has proven incompatible with other known lines is the citrus hypo. Another is the Graziani hypo. Both of these lines are rarely available.


Thanks for the info guys :+1::+1::+1: