How often do you check morphmarket and/or why?

How often do you check MorphMarket and/or why?
I check MorphMarket a few times a day.

Checking MorphMarket frequently is best for many reasons. here are just 10 of my reasons:-

  1. for pleasure. I like to look at pretty snakes/ reptiles etc.
    2, to see if what I want is whats available
    3, To learn, by seeing many examples of a morph so I can learn what they look like and so how to identify them.
    4, to find new snakes i want to buy.
    5, to use the hatchling calculator.
    6, to check and compare prices. I’m waiting for clown and sunset and others to become more common and so be at reasonable prices I am willing to pay.
    7 to see whats new.
    8 to click on morphs I don not know and see what others look like
    9, its fun.
    10, to find good and respected sellers.
    11, (I know i said 10 but here is one more and I probably have others.) to see what is available in other countries.

anyway, thats me, an obsessive, what about you?
How often do you check MorphMarket and/or why?



My answer-An unhealthy amount…


LoL, good so i am not the only one :smiley:


Seconding this answer…

Honestly, every time I open my phone, I have a few sites I visit, including MorphMarket . So it probably ends up being at least 10 times a day.

Edit to add, I just realized if you don’t format the terms morph and market correctly, the site will fix it for you. Interesting!


For MorphMarket — many times a day. Probably 10 times in a day, but really any time I open my phone or not doing school. Just to check if there are new animals ( boas ) because you always got to be ready to jump on a wonderful deal. Trying to grow a business, you know.

For MorphMarket Community — I am on here all the time, any free time I get…I am here. If you are wondering, my recent read time is 4 days, and a total of 20 days spent on this community in my total 607 days begin on here.

I love both of the sites. Lol :joy:
It is not unhealthy, it just helps me stay focused. I use them for 15 min breaks when I mind’s mental blade becomes dull during homework. My grades have improved because of this method.

I don’t use social media so this is my social media lol :joy:.


@ghoulishcresties + @lumpy + @solarserpents Yep at least 10 times a day for me too. Thanks, your making me feel a bit more normal.
Shus, :zipper_mouth_face: dont tell, even a quick look at work :crazy_face:


Haha I was literally on here updating and helping with the Crestie Morphpedia threads today at work. Because I needed to add more to help :sweat_smile:


Omg I just looked and my recent read time is 3 days…


I don’t check the morhpmarket site a lot as I don’t want to make any impulse buys right now. Buuuuuut, I check MorphMarket community like… more than 10 times a day! I really enjoy reading about others experiences and learning from them as well. I also love to look at all of the pictures :blush:


Well, to be honest, me too. But that goes without saying. This is the best place to learn and get answers for me. But MorphMarket checking benefits maybe a bit less obvious.


I am going on five hopefully :crossed_fingers: lol
I also have a pursuit to the level five star in MorphMarket .


I don’t check enough, lol. I check a few times a day. I usually look at morphs for ball pythons, leopard geckos, and maybe another species. I also look at the different animals for various things like tarantulas, dart frogs, day geckos, gargoyle geckos, and other unique animals.
For the MorphMarket community I check over a dozen times per day. I’m on every day when I can.


Oh boy.

I’m on the community portion multiple times a day. I lurked for a long while just learning everything I could. I love looking at the beautiful pictures and all the interesting projects.

I try to avoid the market place, because we are starting to run out of space. :joy: I have sooooo many plans, though. Plus, I like to show the hubs hints on animals I’d like. :wink:


I come check out this community forum fairly frequently but rarely go on the MM site/app since I am nowhere near able to buy any animal and I don’t wanna tease myself…the pretty critter pics here are enough for the time being for me. Sometimes I am unsure if I will ever end up getting a herp companion thanks to not having my life together enough sigh😑

But I like seeing all the critters here in the Community that you all have :blush:


Daily. I like seeing pictures and trying to help.


I check MorphMarket and the MM community forum multiple times a day usually.

I check the marketplace often to see if a specific animal I’m looking for happens to pop up for sale. For example, I’m still looking for a male for my het tpos blood python girl.

Had my eyes on a couple males but waited too long on them and they both sold. So back to watching and waiting for the right one!


OMG my answers are definitely too high to answer.

Recent read time for me is 3 days! :sweat_smile: I love this site so much :relaxed: it’s my only social media.

I love looking and learning which is why I use both MM & community :crazy_face: I have made a few purchases, but it has also helped me keep track of breeders which has resulted in me buying away from MM, which is why I like the :+1: button on MM and the :heart: button on here :relaxed:


An obsessive amount. But I also like to check out all the random animals and look up more info about the ones I may not have heard of or know much about. It’s generally what I do on my work breaks to keep myself busy :joy:. Although there’s been more than a few times sharing cute or neat pics or info with my husband has spiraled into a new bioactive project and another scale baby…. We love them all though!


I’m on here quite a bit myself. My read time is 3 days. As others, I’m not on social media. So this is mine. Keeps me focused. I make myself take 10 minute breaks at work. I write water/wastewater training all day. So need a break. I look at the marketplace daily as well just to look at the animals we may want in the future.


I second that. Honestly I can’t stand “normal” social media. Avoid Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and god only knows what else like the plague. My sister calls me a dinosaur but honestly I generally find it to be more aggravation than anything else…. (Plus I gotta love former acquaintances I haven’t seen in 20+ years in highschool trying to get you to join their MLM schemes selling cosmetics or essential oils, etc). No hate if you like that sort of thing but it’s just not my cup of tea. Lol.