How to Choose Crestie Breeding Stock

Hi! Wondering how everyone chooses their breeding stock.

What to look for, what to avoid. Im most interested in conformation, as im not sure what Id be breeding for yet. Love the dark darks and the light lights though.

Not breeding anytime soon, just stockpiling info.

Drop pics as well!


Depends on what I’m working with.

But I go for structure, colouration and patterning on the Crestie, but I do work on improving them every time I breed too so if head wasn’t the best I’d pair to another with a big head say! :grin:


Got to always go after structure and color.


Ok, so strcture wise what is ideal?

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Yes, I go for good head structure also. Even dalmatian geckos can have great head structure!

This is a pic of the best head structure among mine.

She is floppy so not all good head structures will flop down like hers.

She is a soft scale but also has such a thick dorsal, only downfall is she has a Dal spot. I’m hoping to create a super soft but also one without spots :crossed_fingers: I think it will be a challenge but I’m super excited :grin: but I have many other projects I plan to work with also :grin:

Some pics from top view of what I class as good head structures

Lineage is good to have too so you can get an idea as to what hidden genetics they carry. Plus potential buyers of the offspring are likely to ask.

This is a pic of a Gecko with small ISH head structure

Not her most flattering pic

And some I’d class as normal head structure

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Just watched a video that was super helpful! My current 2 babies will definitely be pet only. Their head conformation… sucks. Lol. Thank you!


Have you got pics of them? To be fair if they lack in head structure but have great colouration you can bed it with a Gecko with good head structure in the hopes the other Geckos head structure is passed on. But not a guarantee.

Not something I have done though

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Apparently head structure is a strong trait. Falsies is kinda boring, but very dark.

Glue has some dal, but not a lot and im not sure if its desirable


And for the life of me they would not sit still for selfies :rofl:


The dark I’d pair with another with a bigger head as she’s beautiful.

The harlequin pin dash Dalmatian isn’t a desirable Crestie no, but before I say anything else, any fired up pictures of him/her?


I think every crestie is desirable as a pet :grin: but sadly the dalmatian is not desirable for breeders.

Do they have lineage?

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No lineage, dark ones breeder blocked me. I was giving updates and one day I was blocked.

Fired up

And I do love her, ill have to invest in a really nice male

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To be fair due to the lavender based I’d still be tempted to breed to a lavender or hypo :grin:


Maybe just try to wiggle out the dal? Would that be possible pairing to a male with no dal?

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And Im not sure of the gender, but no pores as of right now on either. Fairly certain Falsies is a female

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Would take generations to get the spots out completely (if you can as some can sneak back in).

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That sucks. Is it not desirable because theres other patterning as well? Ill just get a dark male with a nice head then.

Yeah basically. As he/she is a Harley pin dash Dalmatian .
But as said due to base I would find a lav or hypo Dalmatian and pair for more. Then you’ve got cresties people want and that are stunning! :black_heart:

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If i find one that i like for sure! Aleays good to have more than one male

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Dalmatians are desirable, but without pattern. You can bed to a patternless dalmatian, however you will still get patterned dalmatians that you are likely to struggle to sell or will have to keep.

Spots are hard to get rid of. But not impossible.

Personally I wouldn’t breed it, but that’s because I don’t want spots on patterned geckos.

Just throwing it out there that I have a Dalmatian patterned gecko and love him to pieces, but it’s not something I want more of.

If I buy a Dalmatian, it will be a light base patternless super Dal