Howzit everyone, from South Africa

Hi All. I’m new to snakes. I’ve only owned one now for about 6 months. I overcame my fear of snakes and through an ex ended up with a female ball python. I’ve gotten a thumbs up from my vet on her health and done her deworming too. That is about the extent of it. Still have absolutely no clue what morph she is so I’m hoping in time you guys and gals can help me figure it out

I’ve given her the name Pepper because one day she is a chilly Pepper and leave her alone and the next day she is a Pepperdew…all sweet and timid. I do believe her previous owner abused her a bit and she was under weight so I’ve gotten her bulked up and eating very well. Slowly with time and handling the skittishness is getting less. I’ll try and get some better pics for identification later.


Hi and welcome! It’s so cool to see where everyone is from. I hope you enjoy the forums! And judging from the pic she is either a pastel or a nice normal. Pretty snake either way!

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If you post a picture that includes the whole snake, identification would be easier.

Hello and welcome! Pretty snake. Awesome job conquering your fear too!

Welcome to the community! Pepper is adorable :heart_eyes:

Welcome to the community. :grin: As far as I know, you are the first South African on the forum (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). I’m from the UK and there is only a handful of us on here.

Do you plan on getting any more snakes?

Hi and Welcome :wink: Congrats on conquering your fears, I know that is not always an easy thing to do.

Here is a quick reference for you to check out if you would like some help with identification in the future.
Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help


How and thanks everyone. We have rather horrible weather at the moment I the highvelt so as soon as I have nice sunshine I’ll get better pics for everyone. I’m quite amazed that I’m possibly the only South African on this site… We have many reptile Expo’s here and many breeders. I also have 2 Beardies. As for another snake…that’s why I would like to figure out Wyatt morph Pepper is and what male to get to breed with her for some beautiful babies. I don’t think Pepper it’s much of a real exotic but none the less I’m sure with a good match see will produce some good offspring.


Ok so here are pics of Pepper. I have no clue of her history because the people I got her from know even less than I do. I am guessing she is a year and a half onto 2 years old. Like I said, because of the previous owners knowing nothing I’ve had to bulk her up especially worth is heading off to winter here in South Africa.

So if anybody could shed some light on what morph she is I would greatly appreciate it.


Welcome to the forum, definitely not the only South African on here though!:wink::+1::south_africa:


Hmm well she does have some wacky alien heads so I do suspect that she has something going on. Maybe she is one of those subtle morphs you need a good eye to identify?

Hi Nathan. I would have absolutely no clue what to look for to try and figure it out myself. There are so many morphs and variations it just discombobulates me😂

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Howzit Michael :ok_hand:

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That head stamp and alien heads make me think of Vanilla but the lack of blushing is throwing me off.