Huffman vs. Black Pastel

i was wondering if Huffman is just a line of black pastel or is it a separate gene? does it act differently in combos?

Huffman is a totally separate gene. Super Huffman is a patterned snake.



how would you say it reacts as compared to a black pastel

Honestly it depends on the combo. You can see a huge difference between a pastel Huffman as opposed to a pastel black pastel. I’m actually waiting on a eggs from a black pewter ghost x Huffman blast pairing.


interesting, which gene would you prefer? and id ove to see those once they hatch

For sure I will post pictures. I like both but since I won’t do super black pastel pairings I have green pastel and Huffman so I can still make supers in combos. I like black pastel better in some combos and Huffman in others! You can make a lot of nice dark snakes with both!


What is it with these names?

One of the best genes on the market is called “Desert Ghost.” But it isn’t related to Desert…or Ghost.

Huffman is a promising gene and I’d like to get one. I get that it is probably named after the founder, but seriously, couldn’t Huffman have picked something different? If some unknown gene popped out of my collection one day, you can be sure that I’m not going to call it by my last name. It will be something way sexier like “Monsoon.” :laughing:


It is!!! Huffman has been around a while I’ve been working with it 5 years. And I agree I would be picking some cooler names lol


Well, it was named before the Desert morph even existed, and the founders felt that it was a Hypo-type animal possibly related to the other Hypos (at the time known predominantly as Ghost) that were all being differentiated by putting a “colour” name in front of them (e.g., Orange Ghost, Peach Ghost, Yellow Ghost, etc.) and since they lived in a desert area and felt the animal had colours like the outside environment they chose ‘Desert’ for their differentiation. It was only later that it proved to be non-compatible with all the other lines of Hypo


A page I found talking about the origin of the huffman said something like. the dude that really found it was someone that purchased a snake and noticed it was pretty different from a cinnamon and went back to the guy Chris huffman that was the one who breed the snake and told him he had something new in his collection and proved it out and named it after him but who tf knows if that’s the true story