Hurricane gene Identification Help

Hello to everyone :grinning:
I have a question about the identification of Hurricane gene. This is my first year that I play with this gene and am not sure about some baby.
The pairing was Butter Hurricane x Desert Ghost.

Two Butter Hurricane Het DG

Hurricane het DG

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This is??


In the last 4 photos there is a baby for the witch I need help for identification,

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It looks like it very well could be hurricane, has a lot of dark pixilated specks on the bottom of the side pattern and somewhat weird alien heads. Also it is not pastel but does have some head blushing, that may be a good sign also. I am not 100% sure though, better let someone with experience in nanny chime in. I will tell you though I got a lot of weird stuff when I bred my enhancer male to other snakes, black backs, granite busy patterns. I wonder if there might be some het. Dg influence as well. Sorry couldn’t positively Identify for you. They are beautiful snakes, and all het for dg -awesome!


I’d place my best on this one being a hurricane

@akmorphs works with Trick (another line) and may be able to help add weight to the guesses…?

Here’s a Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help


Thanks a lot my friend! Ther is a lot of confusion in this clutch :sweat_smile:


I’d say its a low expression Hurricane. :blush: