I got this crested at petco, but I have no clue what morph she is

Thank you!


We will need better pictures to identify what she is. Also, welcome to the community!


Welcome to our humble community! Happy that you choose to come on. To help you ID that pretty gecko, we are going to need better pictures. If you could read this thread, and get some more pictures of the CG fired and unfired, that would be appreciated. Also feel free to make in introduction post so that the rest of our herp family can get to “meet” you. I hope you enjoy it here, and welcome again.

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Welcome to the community and to Cresties :grin: have you named your Crestie yet?

As said above more pics would be great esp of fired up & down as well as different angles.

However your Crestie is looking like a dalmation (may be other traits too - will tell with more pics). Dalmations require at least 25 spots to classify, if not that many spots then your Crestie will be a Dal spot


You’ve got yourself a Dalmatian :blush:

Anymore pics too? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ok, thanks! She’s been laying eggs for a little while, I have had her for about four years. Ill try to get better pictures :smile:

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Edit: TYSM for all the help and tips so far… I will try and get better pictures and information…