I need help making a purchase

This seller on here has been makin me feel very nervous about sending money, I already had to get a refund last week because she never sent my dragon, She is still on this website so she must be legit right? I tried giving another chance but now after we decided on the price and the form of payment her page keeps saying 404 error not found, she can still message me on here but I can’t see the listed ad im buying and thats a huge red flag for me, and she wants paypal friends and family I said no and now she wants venmo? Am I being scammed here or what is going on please help asap

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That sounds sketchy, even if it isn’t a scam, i would say that service like that says a lot about the seller. I went through with a purchase in a similar situation and thankfully it wasn’t a scam, but it certainly was a rip off. The ad sold me my boa as female but he’s very VERY clearly a male. And old enough when i bought him that there wouldn’t be any room for debate. So, maybe a scam, maybe not. But probably not worth it.

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