Identifying super paint combos

Looking for some help identifying super paint combos. Pairing was pastel yellow belly paint X pastel paint. First one is at least super pastel, second is at least pastel. Pretty sure the third is yellowbelly super paint. Just trying to figure out if the super pastel and pastel have yellow belly.


Here is a link for next time. Better Pics are always a huge help when asking for help with ids.
Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help
You have based on what i can see from current pics:
super pastel yb het paint
pastel paint
Side note: paint is recessive so it’s not a “super”


@wreckroomsnakes apologies for the horrible pictures. Here’s some better picture of the first snake above. Would this be a super pastel yellowbelly paint?


super pastel yb het paint


Hi, my father was the original poster and I own the snake in the images. I was wondering if you could show me a picture of a super pastel yellow belly that looks similar as all of the ones that I have seen online and in person are very different and I had assumed that the snake was a visual paint.

Visual paints have very distinct c’s and barb hooks. The hets do not.

Pastel Calico Het Paint. Notice the distinctive hooks and c’s are missing from this girl.


My point still stands that it looks like no other super pastel yellowbelly (that I’ve seen, at least) so I’m wondering why paint is considered recessive if the het paint has this much influence (I’ve also seen the paint influence in the 66% hets I produced from this clutch).

That is not always the case. Yes you can get some that MAY show a bit of influence, but you also get that with het clown. That does not make it incomplete dom.
Many years ago i got animals back when paint was CONSIDERED a incomp dom that were SUPPOSED to be paint. After MANY PAIRINGS WITH VISUAL PAINTS I found that only 2 of the 8 i had purchased were ACTUALLY carrying the paint gene. The person that i got them from was using the same logic, looked different than what they had seen in previous animals.

I don’t get When you have the ORIGINATOR OF THE GENE saying yes this needs and should to be listed as a recessive, why do you still get people that want to agrue the fact. Also the very simple fact that is has been proven to be compatible with sentiel which is a RECESSIVE, then HOW could paint be a incomp dom???

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