Identifying traits


 Is there a white paper/video/something that explains different traits 

in Boas? Like, what visually makes a hypo, or Roswell, or jungle? I have been looking but
have not really come across anything that really digs down.


I’m currently working on base morphs for Royals but will eventually get round to boas.

As for the three you stated:

Hypo - there are 2 separate lines (salmon & Orangetail)

  • less blacks and browns and a overall orange/pinky tint.


  • major Pattern changes, especially on the tail with bright oranges/reds on display.


  • Very clean background with pattern abnormalities & dark borders to the dorsal markings.

I’ll add to @eaglereptiles comments for Roswell and Jungle:
Roswell is mostly a pattern morph that pulls the side pattern up toward the back, creating genetic CBLT with a super form which intensifies the pattern migration
Jungle is a pattern disrupter and color intensifier. The primary diagnostics of Jungle are 1) broken/abberant pattern/saddles, 2) intensified colors (particularly reds/oranges), 3) broken ‘head-spear’, lateral ‘line’/speckling. Be aware that when Jungle is combined with Hypo the broken pattern/saddles are less common and the trait is harder to identify clearly.
Here are a Jungle Sunglow, Jungle Hypo, and a Parsons (similar pattern mutation to Roswell) for illustration:

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