If you had as much money as you wanted, what reptiles would you get

If you had all the money in the world, and you could buy three reptiles, what would you get? To answer this question, you’re gonna want to look at a few factors. Would this be a breeding animal or a pet? Will this animal likely decrease majorly in value? Do I want this because it’s a hot morph, or because I truly love this animal? With all that out of the way, I’ll give my answer. I would buy a Tombolongan super dwarf retic from reach out reptiles, a hypo half dwarf burmese python, and a blue green tree python.


No point me answering….
Though good question :joy:

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Probably some morph of crested or gargoyle gecko, right?

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Bingo! Haha.

All the ones you want, yes!! Stunning animals :laughing:

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For me, it’s not just a question of money, but also of space and time. So if I had enough money to buy any snakes I wanted, but space and time were still an issue, I would probably get a pair of calabar pythons, a lavender hognose (and maybe a few other hognose morphs too!), some scaleless corns, and a Palmetto corn. If time and space are not an issue, then my list would definitely include one of the super dwarf retic localities (probably karompa), along with a whole list of other things I think are cool!


Yeah, the question is basically just a dream scenario thing, so it’s not just money, it’s the opportunity to own any reptile you want.

A proven dinker boa and all of its offspring so that I can own the project ( of course it would a one of a kind awesome morph ) and a bunch of high end boa like lads w/o jungle blood and Sterlings. Probably could have guessed that lol :joy:.

No surprises there lol

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I would get a pair of blue emerald tree boa, a pair of boelen’s python, and 25’+ long tiger retic.

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The other half said: Lace monitor :sweat_smile:

Pair of axanthic Cresties-no spots! Pair of charcoals, paid of tangerine soft scales from ac, and a couple gargoyles for me!

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A scaleless ball python I guess. I’d just be worried about caring for him/her well. Don’t have a chameleon for that reason.:confused: Fear of in Inadvertently torturing Innocent animals lol


Bel phase obviously :joy:

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Ofcourse :woman_facepalming:t2:
To be fair they are beautiful!

I think he’d have an army if he could…

I would love one but of course I would buy socialized one lol :joy:

You don’t want a little killer? :joy:

They are little killers even if they are socialized, just look at those claws and their mouths! They do it unintentionally!

I’d set myself up to rehabilitate and breed Galapagos tortoises primarily, and since I’d have all that money and space, I’d also keep and breed different locales of green tree pythons, and probably BRB morphs.

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I would just concentrate on the Ball Pythons. Very fun breed and never gets so big that I would need help to hold or move. No other reptiles have such a great number of morphs to work with.

They don’t get much cooler‼️

Crested geckos, turtles, leopard geckos, fat tailed geckos … I could go on.

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