IMG Boa Thread

Hey guys, I am really into Boas and specifically IMG boas. Honestly, I haven’t seen an IMG that I didn’t like! This morph looks amazing on its own but in my opinion, it really comes to life when mixed with Motley, Hypo, Jungle, BEA and many more. Hoping we can use this thread to discuss and show off our IMG Boas!


Here’s a pic of my Male to kick things off.

And him with some of my other males on cleaning day.


What all is in that male Wesley?

IMG is the first higher end morph I bought. :slight_smile:
Everyone who sees this guy talks about how iridescent he is in person.

This guy is a Ghost IMG


The IMG brought me back from the brink of boredom with my programs #noragrets .


I’m hoping that this Gene will come down in price since a co-dominate mutation. I’d really like to get a IMG Motley.

He’s a C.A. het t+ burke/stone line poss. Het rdr
Produced by Mike Weizman

He also has more noticeable iridescence. I think it’s just easier to pick up on boas with darker pigment. But he does get ashy sometimes lol.

I have a question for you guys: Without sounding too ignorant, and with NO DISRESPECT INTENDED. I have a 7 year old .1 Kahl Sunglow and a 1. Roswell Laddertail het Kahl Albino that I would like to pair with IMG in order to get IMG into my bloodline. What would your suggestions be as to what IMG I could breed with to do this? I love the IMG morph and I would love to see it in combination with both of these. As you can probably tell, I am new to Boa Breeding although I do have over 60 Ball Pythons and breed those. I have had boas for over 5 years and am now considering breeding those. I currently have 4 Boas atm. And the collection is growing (btw These boas are my ““PERSONAL COLLECTION””). All suggestions and comments are welcome from you more experienced keepers and breeders!! THANK YOU!

2 new IMG babies!


They are so tiny and cute!

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Your best best / quickest way is a male img het albino x sunglow female.

Taking an Img het Kahl female wouldn’t be bad for your RLT male but then you would end up with possible hets. If you can have visual on one side so you don’t end up with possible hets

Hi guys!

Here are some babies from our first ever litter. These guys are the good ones who need to show the rest how to eat F/T.

First is a regular albino for comparison.

This is an Albino IMG.

Think this is an IMG Sunglow, but not sure yet. Maybe it’s just a nice Sunglow???