IMG Motley Anery or IMG Motley?

Sadly, I think their store policy is a little bogus with this section. They state that if there is any issue with genetics their “genetic guarantee” is only for 24 hours after the snake is in your possession. I think that’s a bit unfair, but they’re covering themselves there


Popping in after seeing @logar’s post of the animal itself as well as @nswilkerson1’s highlighting of the breeder’s store policy.

Did the breeder provide the genetics of the parents? I just looked at all of their collection animals, if that’s all of them, I’m not seeing anything that could have possibly produced an Anery whatsoever. I also did a check on their Facebook page and they have animals labeled as Aneries from that clutch with visible brown/red tones. Gonna tag @eaglereptiles because this is his wheelhouse with the store policies and whatnot.


The listing shows the info of the pairing that made this animal (supposedly), but not any pictures of them as far as I can see/tell.


Wow! 24 hours doesn’t seem fair if it takes months for a snake to darken up in some cases!


Thanks for pointing that out, didn’t see it at the bottom there. Finding it rather interesting that the sire of the clutch is only listed as Hypo IMG het Albino here on MM but in a post of this clutch from March on FB they list it as het Moonglow.

With 48 possible outcomes, I feel like this was inevitable, especially since they seem to be newer to breeding. I may be wrong there, but the 24 hour limit seems like it was meant to excuse errors, hoping they’ll only be discovered later.


Wow! That’s such a shame and to me just plain wrong to charge someone 2,700 dollars for a snake that may or may not be ID’d correctly! Especially now with the economy the way it is.


The snake in that picture looks nothing like the snake you have @boathusiast. @mattcookreptiles @noodlehaus @nswilkerson1 @ballornothing @smite

Does anyone else think this? Is it a possibility that the 2 snakes might in fact not be the same snake and if that’s the case would there be any recourse from MM for false advertising?


Looking at the tail, I think it is the same snake.


Headstamp & body pattern shows it’s the same snake, but the lighting in the baby photo is likely influencing how dark the animal looks. I’m just wondering why the breeder thought that specific snake was worth $1k more than the second most expensive sibling. It seems they added an extra thousand for a three gene animal, as the IMG Anery sibling was only $1,700. The pricing on the whole clutch is kind of bonkers, the cheapest was $300, so quite the jump. I admit I know nothing about the pricing of boa morphs but that’s just insane to me. It’s also higher than any animal with that same genetic combo currently available by $200 and looks absolutely nothing like them. For example, this is an IMG Anery Motley currently for sale, and a female at that:


Wow the picture of that female is NOTHING like the one @boathusiast bought. That female is gorgeous btw.

But if the lighting made the difference between the picture and the actual boa he got, maybe it was an accident and maybe not?

I’m just literally grabbing at the air trying to figure out some kind of recourse @boathusiast could take but I suppose there is none……


That sounds very specific, is there a way to check to see when that was updated?

Idk any breeder who doesnt stand behind what they sell. Imgs dont come out looking super different sometimes and can take months to become obvious.


I’d say that @boathusiast could message MM customer support and see if there are any options available. However the MM rules and breeder’s store policy likely mean there’s not much to be done, especially since the breeder has offered some form of compensation, however inadequate it may seem to the buyer.

While it is a $2000+ discrepancy in pricing for the animal they thought they were receiving versus what they got, there’s a reason that MM rules and store policies place the responsibility on the buyer to verify that the animal they purchase is what it was sold as. Crappy situation all around, and it does bother me that the breeder is being adamant about having made the proper ID despite indisputable evidence to the contrary, but I’m not sure there’s much recourse here for obstinance.


I think the best course of action is to make a review. You might not get money back but itll show that the seller is very incompetent and to not trust their judgement on ids.


Yep you are right of course. And yes the breeder did make an attempt to make amends to a certain degree. As @mattcookreptiles Matt said, as least there may be a buyer beware for the next unsuspecting buyer.

@boathusiast Did you leave a review after you purchased the boa? Just wondering…


I agree, seems way more specific than I’d imagine for something like a “genetics guarantee”

@eaglereptiles would be able to help us understand if that’s been adjusted at all, as I’m not sure we can directly see that. I just get a bad feeling overall about this situation; and I feel awful for the poster. That’s tough.


I am so sorry that this had to happen to you @boathusiast and I totally get why the boa you thought you were getting was your dream boa. And I know the real sting is the 2,000 you are out of pocket. That’s a ton of money.

But here is another way to consider this situation. You said your little guy is very sweet, which tells me that you are also wanting to handle him and maybe hang out with him? Which imho is the best thing about keeping a boa. Their good nature! Well mostly……

There is another poster here who has a beautiful “dream” boa, imho about the same age as yours and her little girl is unmanageable and a constant hisser right now for whatever reason. Some of the boa breeder pros here are trying to advise as best they can to help correct this boa’s defensive disposition so her keeper can handle her and enjoy her without getting stuck at/ and or bitten.

Say your boy was actually the quality of snake you paid for but you couldn’t handle him at all because he wanted to bite your face every chance he got. So you have your “dream” snake but all you can do is look at him, but you still have to feed him and clean up after him. You might end up not liking him either because of his sour disposition. Granted boas for the most part are literally puppy dogs if treated and handled correctly and with care. But as you see, there are exceptions……

Ok so if you have read this far, I said all that to say this: At least you have a sweet dispositioned 2,700 boa that you can interact with even though it’s a “red headed step child”. And who knows, its coloring may turn out to surprise you. I know you are out a lot of money and you have had a bad year, but all considered, there are a lot worse things that could be happening but even a lot more things to be grateful for. One thing is for sure @boathusiast, you have already met a lot of amazing people here and you now belong to a wonderful reptile family. So if you would not mind we would love it if you would keep us updated with his growth pictures and his name would be nice! I think given a chance, this little guy will win your heart over. And he has already brought all of us together…. :heart:

God bless you! :pray:


I’m sorry to hear the seller isn’t standing by his animal in regard to it’s genetics. I’ll admit; I usually don’t read sellers policies but I’m going to start now, as that one is a red flag. Worded very interestingly too with the “If I guarantee”… I feel for you as I’m the same, I see something I want and I pull the trigger.

So he’s saying he sold you an Anery motley that was advertised as a Anery IMG Motley and he’ll send you the other gene in another animal? Nah. The only reason you paid that money is those 3 specific gene combos are known and pretty much guarantee you’d end up with a pitch black iridescent snake once mature. That’s unacceptable, in my opinion.

Looks like the same boa in both pictures.

For sure leave a review or update your review if you left one previously. People check reviews here before buying for sure.

I’d let him know you plan to get more opinions on the local MM community, forums and Facebook boa groups about the visually present morphs of the boa.

Try to enjoy that boa and show him the same love you would have your dream snake. There is no shame in selling him to a good home. Saving and getting the boa you truly wanted in the first place.


The 24-hour genetic guarantee has been in this sellers store policy since at least 2021.

I agree that this is a very tight policy, and one that would personally push me from purchasing from a seller. But is also 24 hours longer than the MM DSP.

MorphMarkets Default Store Policy states:

    • Seller is required to provide accurate genetic information on all animals sold. However, many genetic traits cannot be proven or disproven in a dispute situation. Those that can be proven should have been recognized by the buyer from the outset.
    • Buyer bears a responsibility to know and recognize traits they intend to purchase, including asking for more pictures and lineage information as needed.
    • MorphMarket is unlikely to moderate disputes over genetic traits that should have been investigated by Buyer.*

So while this is something we would usually get involved with, we’re unable to in this case because of the amount of time that has passed.

You may still choose to FILE a dispute. It will not be mediated, but it will go on the seller’s permanent record and will factor into future decisions made about that seller’s account.

If you left a positive rating and want to remove it, you have that option. Just go to the rating you left on the seller’s store and select “Withdraw Rating”. If you need help with that, let me know.

Finally, as has been mentioned, there is a review forum called the Herpetoculture Feedback and Inquiry group on Facebook that we recommend if you’d like to leave a public review to let your experience be known. We are not officially connected to this group, but they seem to do a pretty good job asking questions to assess what occurred. They will try to get the other party involved to hear their side as well.


Thank you all for the advice. @noodlehaus the genetics on the parents are, supposedly, IMG Motley Albino het Snow x Hypo IMG het Moonglow. On the Facebook page the picture of the sire is the same as the one for the Hypo Img het Albino on the MM page-and if that’s true the snake I have couldn’t possibly be Anery, nor could any of the siblings. The pricing is really weird looking at it, and comparing some of the breeder’s currently listed snakes to others on MM with the same listed morphs make me think my snake isn’t the only one mislabeled. I’ve already messaged MM customer support-they recommended a Facebook group. Which worries me, because the main reason I trusted the breeder is because they have a five-star rating on MM, several of which are for expensive high-end animals. Leaving Facebook reviews, especially on private snake-related groups, would not help someone else like me (new to boas, doesn’t use Facebook, rather gullible) to avoid this breeder.

@caron thank you for all your kind words-I really appreciate it. They are the same snake, but the breeder’s lighting was deceptive. I did leave a review after purchasing the boa. A positive one, even though I was surprised at how much lighter the boa was than in the image, because I trusted the breeder when they said the animal would get darker with time (only for that to obviously not happen). And I saw that other poster with the defensive boa. It’s one of the first things I thought of as a “bright side.” My boa is very sweet and chill, but still curious and inquisitive (just last week he sat on my hand and hung out for an entire hour-long online class!) and a champion eater. If I had the room I’d be very happy to keep him. I will have to hang around here more and get to know some snake folks! Everyone here seems very nice and knowledgable.

@smite Huh, I didn’ t know that the seller policy was fishy. I will be sure to treat my boa well-I might have a friend who would be willing to take him. I wouldn’t sell him unless I knew for sure he’d be going to a good place. It’s not his fault at all, and he deserves a good life.

@eaglereptiles Is there absolutely no way I can leave a public review on MorphMarket? I haven’t been able to get into the two Facebook groups recommended, and even if I could, the people who are most likely to fall for this breeder’s prices are the sort of people who know next to nothing about snakes and wouldn’t be in these types of private groups. You mentioned that they are public, but when I click on the group they seem to be private and I can’t see any of the reviews (maybe that’s just my unfamiliarity with Facebook). With the breeder’s current perfect rating on MM, they seem trustworthy, which is why I bought such an expensive snake from them. I understand if there’s no recourse I can take. I just really don’t want this to happen to someone else.


You can leave a public review, and I would definitely encourage you do to so, because as you said, not everyone who shops on MM is on Facebook (I’m one of those people). I just read seller reviews and do a quick google search of any seller I’m considering buying from.

It’s been nearly two years since my last MM purchase, and I know some things have changed a bit in that time, so I honestly don’t know/remember how to leave a public review on a seller’s store page. :person_facepalming: Hopefully someone more experienced and tech-savvy can help you with that (I just poked around the Marketplace app and still couldn’t figure it out).

I’m really sorry this happened to you. I think it’s pretty crummy the seller is refusing to provide any remedy beyond giving you a new snake, which you don’t want (for very valid reasons).