Imported Anery boa

I want to introduce a very special snake. This is a baby common Colombian boa (Boa imperator) that came in as part of an import shipment of 500 boas farmed in South America. As you can see from the pictures, it has no red pigment on it at all, which makes it an anerythristic animal!

I have a long time to go before I can prove this animal out. If I had a way to determine which of the other animals were from the same litter as this one I would have bought them all in order to check for heterozygous animals through breeding but that was not possible.


That head spear looks like it might have some CA blood.

Are Anery boas something hard to get or find? She’s gorgeous though, can only imagine how her colors are gonna change as she grows up.

Cool, good luck with it! Hopefully you are able to have lots of fun with the project.

Nice new animal to work with. Adding fresh blood is always nice.

Wow, there is actually 0 red at all. The blacks are black and the whites are white
Is it a female?
Good luck on proving it out :+1: absolutely incredible animal even if it only ends up a one off.

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I palpitated and it felt female. I’m going to get a few meals in it before probing

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That is just one badass looking snake

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Very nice, I’m a long-time fan of AnerythristicIMG_20150213_172526_PS_edited
IMG_20180906_122646017 IMG_20150429_194530