Incorrect tags on morph market

I’m quickly becoming addicted to the ball python world. I find myself constantly scrolling in the ball python listening and I always seem to see people listing hets under the visual tag. I see small breeders and large doing this. Is this ok to do on morph? Hopefully I don’t ruffle anybody’s feathers here, that’s not my intention. When searching for a specific animal and still getting hets when I’m looking for visual seems to defeat the purpose of having separate tags for listing animals.

And on a second note, has there been any talk about making double tags for animals with allelic genes or genes that are indistinguishable until proven out. I looked and couldn’t see if this was a current topic. Some examples
(het clown/cryptic) or (yellowbelly/asphalt). Kinda the same deal above but at no fault of the seller due to not having any other way to list the animals. when searching for a specific gene like yellow belly. Many come up as yb or asphalt and have both tags listed. I understand that if both genes are in the pairing and one is present this has to be listed like this but when searching for one or the other specifically both come up.


Another example, look up freeway. Looks like majority of the listings are not freeways.

Nope, it’s definitely not.

Please use the flag/report button on any ad you see like this.

The main cause of this is that breeders will upload, using the bulk import, double hets but not title them correctly.

They will write something like “Banana het Clown Pied” which our system will interpret as a Banana Pied het Clown.

They should be titling it as “Banana het Clown het Pied,”… It’s something we are improving though.

We have actually made a start on this with the morphpedia. You will notice that there is a Banana article but no Coral Glow, there is a HRA but no Lori… Etc.

Slightly different set of work, but yep this is another thing we are working on improving. Unfortunately getting these things into working production is much trickier than a line of code in most cases.

So, yeah, some improvements are on there way, but don’t forget to flag those ads and we will get them fixed and the sellers educated :wink:


Its not just hets listed as visual. there are plenty of way off listings, Just one example is below, I tried to gently explain they were wrong but even with creating and linking them to the discussion below so they could see it was not just my opinion, they did not change it.
I think I must flag it now:-

Please help with an Identification for a friend

Listed as a super lesser + banana

PS, I flagged my own post by mistake too :roll_eyes:
Its now flagged on the market.

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I’ve noticed this is also a huge problem on the Kenyan sand boa side too, particularly with the paradox tag since there’s paradox and paradox albino. There’s just soooo many ads mistagged I feel weird sending in tens of reports. I wish I could just change them myself lol


Please don’t feel weird. Noone knows who hit that button other than the MorphMarket team :wink:

This is YOUR place to look for reptiles, don’t let others ruin your experience… Flag em :blush:


Even if I want to go through hundreds of ads, including sold animals?? lol

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Erm, there is very little we can do about sold animals… But rather than flagging these please just send me the link to these in a message on here and I’ll investigate them. It may be that we uncover something unrelated along the way or find a seller that needs help understanding the system better.

But yes, please flag the active for sale listings.

I do ask though that unless it’s super obvious such as a het tagged visual, please tell the team what the issue is.

“This has the incorrect traits” is not very helpful.

“This animal is not a X trait, you can tell by this, this and this. Here’s an example of a actual X trait… Link” means we can get straight to it.


You will never get them as bad as the Cresties. there’s more up wrong than right… :upside_down_face:

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Alright, thank you! The sold ones that come to mind really are the tri-stripe ball pythons. There are more hets under the visual tag than visuals

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I think this is more because rather than one huge community like with ball pythons, cresties have pockets of smaller communities that disagree with one anothers.

With guys like Anthony & Tom working on the foundation genetics project we will see this less and less as it creates a …foundation to work on up from.


I was worried about reporting listings for the wrong morph labels because this pops up when you click the button to report a listing… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Don’t really want to message every single person I see listing something incorrectly… But I’ve seen an increase in Het or pos. Het being labeled as visuals over the last few days from multiple sellers.

Sorry to revive a dead thread but it was talking about exactly what had been frustrating me recently.:sweat_smile:


Another is possible het monsoon listed as het because seller is SURE they will prove. They may well be right and at least in their description they explain but it is sort of an unfair listing strategy to get technically possible het in top of het search results by price. Of course they could argue it’s codom and you can sell pastels from pastel to normal as pastels.

Wondering how genetic testing will factor in. When you test a possible het to be a het assuming it would then be ok to list as a het. Wondering if testing documents should be included?


I’d imagine if a seller was willing to go through the hassle of doing genetic testing, they’d be more than happy to share the documentation with the buyer, but that is a good point.

Defo message them. If any argue then just report. :grin: