Incubator building

I just built a new incubator anyone else build thereown stuff… I also built cages and racks.


These look amazing! Do you have any sort of carpentry background?

I wish I could build my own stuff but I can barely hang a picture on the wall.


I wish I had some kind of background everything I learned was through mistakes you never get good at anything unless you try and fail and then learn how to succeed…


I’ve converted a wine cooler and a mini fridge to incubators. I mainly use the wine cooler for geckos and hognose now since they don’t take up a ton of space. I have another glass front fridge in the garage waiting for conversion.


I have 3 other beverage coolers converted but I wanted something different.

Nice! I have a wine cooler I am looking to convert. What did you do with the compressor?

I cut it out and unbolted it and took it to the scrap yard…

If you cut it out you might want to put something there to replace the weight. I put 2 5 pound weights in the back of mine so it doesn’t fall over when I open the door.

I was able to use the hole for the freon to run the wires into the cooler. Then I taped it and used some spray foam to seal it.

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I recently sold one of these that I had 5 was to many lol…

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Here is one I’ll be selling it works great I just have to many…

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Here is mine, a converted Coke cooler. The hardest part about the build was ordering new hinges for the door. I had to order them from Canada. I can hold I believe 40 6qt tubs or so. More space than Ill ever need. Runs on a Herpstat I. The fan on the bottom blows out, pulling heat from the top to bottom over the heat tape. The fan on top is above the door, angled down to keep air moving, and help keep temps stable. There is about a 1/2 degree difference from top to bottom. Yes, I know the shelves are upside down. I did that so I dont have to worry about any boxes falling off the shelves. I also converted the bulb inside the incubator to an LED bulb. Allowing me to run it 24/7 and not have it mess with my temps. Only down side to that is flicker if you are trying to record a video or timelapse of the eggs hatching.


Mine is similar to yours I just put a false wall in mine to hide the heat tape and wires also I hid the fan …

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In the past Ive had different fan setups. Its crazy how much more efficient having the false wall is Pulling the air over the heat tape from top to bottom is so much better. In the past I just had one fan on top blowing down, and one on the bottom blowing up. I was getting about a 2 to 4 degree difference from top to bottom.

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Are those the light diffuser panels used as shelves?

Yes, and I’m going to add dowels for extra support. The do hold a good bit of weight as they are but dowels will extend their life and prevent cracking.

Here is a medicine ball dead center on one. You can see that it bows slightly but my egg boxes will be off to the side.

stealing your idea. Thanks! :smiley:

Here’s the rockstar cooler we converted :slight_smile:


Hows it going have a question im building my own reptile incubator and was wondering were you purchased the built in thermostat and is it also a hydrometer


Ive ben surching like crazy

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