Incubator Camera

I do a lot of DIY electronics stuff and I have had this raspberry pi zero with a camera sitting around for a while and decided to put it to work. I originally set it up as a sort of security camera with motion detection but my cats constantly triggered the detection and made life difficult.

What I used:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W - $10
  • 16 gig micro SD card - $5
  • Raspberry Pi Zero case - $10
  • Raspberry Pi Camera with no IR filter - $25

Total cost: $50


Setup is pretty simple if you can follow instructions and onscreen prompts. I can make this available on the internet by opening a port in my firewall and setting up a Dynamic DNS service like


Everything you said just went over my head! But I can follow directions and onscreen prompts! I’m definitely going to save this thread to come back to. I know there are so many possibilities with Raspberry Pi inside herpetoculture but I have no idea where to start. Thanks for this!

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This is fairly easy as far as raspberry pi projects go. You don’t have to code anything yourself, just install some software and connect a cable.