Indonesian tree boa- anyone have experience to share?

hello I have been looking into Indonesian tree boa. they seem very cool, the only down size is they are hard to get eating mice. does anyone have experience with this snake?


Welcome to the community! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Indonesian Tree Boas, so I hope someone on here can share some info- now I’m curious. :nerd_face:


Welcome to our family. I don’t remember if anyone owns them on here but I hope if they do, I hope they could help you out.


thanks I hope so too.:+1:

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I have a 2.3 group of Candoia bibroni australius

Babies are notorious for wanting to start on lizards but I have a feeling with things like ReptiLinks and scentings it will become easier to get them started.

Adults are garbage disposals though. Mine take mice, hamsters, rat pups, chicks, quail… I have not tried ReptiLinks yet but I would bet that the females would probably take them without even hesitating (the males are a bit more finicky, they also have a fun tendency to just go off feed for six months without warning)

I have posted pics of mine here in a few places…


ok thanks for the response

have you been able to breed these guys?

Not yet, but I have only had them about six or eight months so they are still “learning the rhythm of the room”


I own 4 indonesian tree boas, i am by no means an expert but i am keeping them successfully and would be happy to share any info.

that’s so cool! I am not currently looking for one but its great t know people a keeping them