Indonesian tree boa- anyone have experience to share?

hello I have been looking into Indonesian tree boa. they seem very cool, the only down size is they are hard to get eating mice. does anyone have experience with this snake?


Welcome to the community! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Indonesian Tree Boas, so I hope someone on here can share some info- now I’m curious. :nerd_face:


Welcome to our family. I don’t remember if anyone owns them on here but I hope if they do, I hope they could help you out.


thanks I hope so too.:+1:

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I have a 2.3 group of Candoia bibroni australius

Babies are notorious for wanting to start on lizards but I have a feeling with things like ReptiLinks and scentings it will become easier to get them started.

Adults are garbage disposals though. Mine take mice, hamsters, rat pups, chicks, quail… I have not tried ReptiLinks yet but I would bet that the females would probably take them without even hesitating (the males are a bit more finicky, they also have a fun tendency to just go off feed for six months without warning)

I have posted pics of mine here in a few places…


ok thanks for the response

have you been able to breed these guys?

Not yet, but I have only had them about six or eight months so they are still “learning the rhythm of the room”


I own 4 indonesian tree boas, i am by no means an expert but i am keeping them successfully and would be happy to share any info.

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that’s so cool! I am not currently looking for one but its great t know people a keeping them

I’d definitely be interested in how you’re keeping these guys. Which ones do you have? I’m mostly interested in the carinata caranita.

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I keep bibroni australis

They are pretty straightforward for me. I have had mine in a quarantine cage for a little over a year now (not so much because they needed it but because it has taken me this long to get their final cage build out… Almost done with that :crossed_fingers:t4:)

I keep communally, there is no aggression between the animals. There is also pretty strong evidence that multiple males are needed for successful breeding

They vastly prefer flatter surfaces to distribute their weight over while they perch, as opposed to narrow branches and hanging like chondros. I use a lot of large cork flats and have some of them stacked to provide nooks and crannies for them to wedge into if they want. The males, especially, make use of that. They will also spread over proximal forked branches if it supports three points or more

Temps are ambient for my room: Upper might be 28/29C in the summer, lower being night drops to 18/19C in winter. Light cycle is synched with the season here. A bit more extreme than their native environment, but they do not seem to mind

My females are garbage disposals, will eat pretty much anything I put in front of them when they are ‘ON’. I typically feed a diet higher in chicks and quail with only the occasional rodent. They also seem to like frog legs. My males only eat rodents, hopper-sized mice, maybe a little larger. They are also prone to fasting on a whim, pretty normal for the species :man_shrugging:t4: :joy:

They have tons of personality and are almost always watching when I am in the room. My more bold females will even come up and check me out if I open the cage door before they lose interest when they realize I am not feeding them

They are incredibly food-oriented and you have to be careful when opening the door if there is ANY food scent in the room or on you, they happily bite first and wrap hard and chew for a bit before realizing that a hand or arm or chest or (shudder) face are not food. Even hook tapping will not break my females until they have something actually in their mouth. And once they swallow they are more than happy to try biting again LOL


do you have any pictures of the enclosure? I would love to see how it is set up.


Still working on finishing it LOL

When I get it all together I will make a thread for it :+1:t4:


better be quick! I am not that patient :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am waiting for lights to arrive from the vendor…

Then I need to wire them…

And then wire the UV…

And then wire the heat…

And then secure all the hardscape…

And then get the media in…

And then get the plants in…

But other than that, it is basically done

:rofl: :rofl:


That’s all? I think I can wait for that :rofl:

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Honestly, it is only about a weekend’s worth of work at this point. I just has some personal crud I had to work through and I could not focus the time and effort I needed to getting the cage built out. Now that my head is a little straighter it has been pretty easy, except for the part about discovering I had not actually ordered the lights months ago when I thought I had… :man_facepalming:t4:

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