Is my albino just albino?

Hello, First time posting on here. I’m pretty good with Identifying my morphs however I keep questioning myself on a particular animal I have. Scar was a rescue, previous owner was dropping in live rats big enough to kill him and letting him fight for his life. My issue is I know hes an albino, but his contrast is so yellow I feel like i’m missing something and he might be more. It could just be hes older and i’m over thinking it but i thought why not throw a picture and see if anyone disagrees with him being straight albino? Any thoughts would be amazing and thanks in advance. Scar


Hi Nik :blush::wave: welcome.

From just that picture alone I would say yes, just a albino. However it isn’t the best of images, here is a Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help

Okie dokie ill take some better pics of him

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Yeah, just a normal Albino. Just has a lot of blushing, which happens in some Albinos as they age