Its about time

I’ve been browsing the forum for quite awhile now, but i think its time i finally introduce myself as i try to become more active in the fourms day to day discussions.

hey, im jess(feel free to call me that, or tk!). im a vet tech student who lives in central illinois with all my pets! I keep leos and cresties, corns and bps, and tarantulas! Aside from my reptiles, i breed holland lops and californian rabbits for show and pet!

other than reptiles/exotics and rabbits i have 9 cats, 2 ferrets, 2 hamsters, and a horse!

my current bucketlist reptiles/exotics are:

  • a lilly white crestie
  • a bci. ive wanted to add a boa into my collection for quite a time now and this will be the year i finally do it!
  • a brachypelma smithi

im kinda awkward and don’t really know what to say about myself, but i look forward to involving myself more in the community and getting to know you all better!


Hey Jess :blush:
Welcome to the crew!

Damn! I’m sure you will find a lot of new friends on here with such a great variety.
Be sure to share some pictures :wink:

And also these… Non-reptile pets


Welcome to the community!
Feel free to share pictures of your pets. What species of tarantulas do you keep? I don’t have any tarantulas yet but I’m hopefully going to get a jumping spider and I’m looking into getting a GBB.


ill definitely have to look through all my pet pictures when i get home! i have tons…

right now i keep curly hairs, pink toes, mex red rumps, and pumpkin patch. id list their scientific names but im not gonna attempt to remember them all right now… im new to to the tarantula hobby(started in october) so i have some pretty basic t’s at the moment.


Hi and welcome to the forums :smiley:

What Kind? any pictures?
There is a thread here for non reptile pets

i do have a picture! im about to do a little photo dump in the pets topic haha

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Nice, I will look out for it :+1:

Welcome! I’m a medically retired small animal vet myself! :blush: :woman_health_worker: What kind of practice do you hope to work at once you graduate?

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i actually have no idea yet haha. im just taking all the courses at my community college and seeing where it takes me and how i feel at the end of it all. Although im leaning more towards livestock since i live in a very livestock orientated area and own livestock myself!


Welcome to the community! Jess, you have quite a few exotics.

Definitely I’m a huge advocate for BCI’s and boas in general. I love mine :heart:

Definitely do a photo dump of all your pets and exotics, everyone on here loves to look at pictures of animals more than anything else.


Welcome to the community!!!

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Welcome to the community :grin:

I’m a huge Crestie fan, 12 in total :lizard:, I got my first Lilly White last year… So worth it, he was a little skittish but we’re working on that. We keep ball pythons also, 9 so far​:snake:

Would love to see some of your Reptiles :grin:


Welcome Jess!
Huge Crested Gecko fan myself, now a breeder as I loved them so much, 32 Cresties myself now. I fell in love with them years ago and finally got my first boy Kaneki not long after moving to my new place, he’s just turned 4 this month 🥲
Since then the Crestie family has continued to grow :slight_smile:
You’ll have to show us your geckos! :blush: x