Just noticed a new boa morph

Would this qualify as an NFI? Have a few originating from one male and his offspring bred to unrelated. All are motley Sunglows.

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For a boa to be a NFI it has to be related to one of Joe’s NFI boas.


Nice looking sunglow motley you have there. I have 4 of them myself right now and they are also jungles.


The top two girls are incredible! Also love the big male pictured last.

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Understood on labeling but I’m curious as to if same genetics happening such as not all albinos came from Kahl yet both lines are T Neg and not all T Pos came from Tracy. Trying to identify what’s possibly causing this look.

I am not really sure what you are asking about. I am also not the best person to talk about genetics. Hopefully someone better will answer your question.

I do know the basics about them. The Kahl and Sharp strain of albino are not compatible. If you breed the two genes together you will get all normal looking babies. So you won’t know which baby has what strain of albino. I would think if both parents are visual albino then all the babies should be het for both albino genes.

I am just getting involved with the VPI boas so I don’t know much about it yet.
I do know you need two parent that are at least het to produce one visual baby.
It works just like the Kahl and Sharp albino.

I know nothing about the NFI boa accepted Joe produced it first one and is working on it.

I have noticed on MM there is a breeder (LowKey Boas) working with a color variation he is calling the Gamma Green Line boa. The boas have a green tint to them.

So maybe the NFI and the Gamma boas have some bloodlines that where mixed together years ago. So Joe and LowKey Boas just got lucky and breed two hets together and produced there strain of boas. This is just my opinion and doesn’t mean anything. Both breeders are produced cool looking boas.

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Not sure if the link will work.


Here is LowKeys link


Not saying Kahl and Sharp are compatible. Just that they are T Neg. Hence my trying to acquire what genetics are involved with the NFI so I can better understand what I’m seeing in my line.

You mention working with VPI which is just a line of T Pos. May or may not be compatible with other lines of T Pos but that doesn’t preclude them from being T Pos.

Regardless of line. Both T Neg and T Pos are distinct genetics. Yet each has unique alleles that make them be either T Neg or T Pos. I’m just trying to see if anyone knows what causes the appearance on the NFI and if it’s what is causing my appearance.

Could just be polygenic in which there’s nothing distinct. Just a combination of genes. This is seen in coral and pastels although I believe that two to be mutually inclusive but purely speculation. Been working with corals and pastels for close to twenty years. I’ve seen nothing to suggest either is genetic in that one can replicate itself but often they show themselves when parents weren’t showing either yet through selective breeding they can be continued to be expressed. At least with boas.

I’ve now produced the look in three litters with two by the same patriarch to two different females and his son to the matriarch. Might just be a mix of genes are presenting themselves, could be this isn’t unique and just something shown in motley since only motley present this look or could just be a line thing with the original male passing something that I’ll never be able to isolate. Future breedings with being light to this project. Only thorough that process can we better identify the alleles present and why I was hoping enough breedings with NFI might have shed some light or perhaps this happens with other herps.

There’s also a possibility this just exists in my collection and it has nothing specific to do with the males and females used although my lines go back to 2004 and I’ve never seen it before. Might just be a thing in general that occurs with Motley and I’m just not aware of it and that’s something else worth noting. At some point I’ll reach out to Jeremy. If anyone knows motley that’s the guy.


Check with Joe Consolini from JPC Boas about the NFI boa. He should be able to help you out.

I am not sure but I vaguely remember Frank Martin have boas with a yellow / green tint to them. Maybe check with him too.


I think Frank’s yellow boas are T Pos anery best I recall last I spoke with him. Something I’m looking to acquire. Those things are killer.

I’ll check with JPC but was hoping to see if others have produced similar. Posted the question few months back on a FB group and bunch showed what they believed were similar but I didn’t see the same expression although this can all possibly be line traits but would be cool if it’s an actual gene at play.

Might get an NFI down the line and see how it mixes in.

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That sunglow motley in particular looks nothing like a NFI. NFIs have a rustic green color to them. Joe has proven out NFIs outside of albino, go take a look at those too.


Makes things much more confusing when people doctoring the images with extra contrast/saturation. And/Or not correctly white balanced. Couple images at least in this thread clearly out of touch, but par for the course for much of MorphMarket , even very respected breeders.

Doctored images are everywhere not just MorphMarket . Lol. IMO its up to me as a buyer to realize when something doesnt look right but again, just my opinion.


Of course doctored images are all over the internet. That doesn’t make it okay to misrepresent animals. Lol. “It’s up to the buyer to know what their getting” :rofl: “okay for breeders to modify their images and leave it up to the buyer to guess what it might really be.” seriously might be the dumbest thing I’ve read today and I’ve read a lot. I’m hoping what you wrote was sarcasm and not truly believing the process of misrepresenting an animal is okay.

There’s no need to be rude, no one said it was okay, just that it’s common everywhere and up to the buyer to be sure the animal they’re trying to purchase is what they were looking for. Plenty of folks don’t have the skills or setups to take perfectly toned photos and rely on technology that is tuned to give more vibrancy than is actually present. Your reading comprehension needs work.


I’m saying that many breeders directly doctor images. Often through adjusting contrast/saturation. You must have missed that part. he directly says it’s up to the buyer to know what he’s getting? This makes zero sense. How is that possible when a seller is doctoring images? Anyways, good to know who is condoning doctored images and laying responsibility on the buyer.

Yes, some breeders will. Those you can flag because it’s misrepresentation. However, buyers do, in fact, have to be responsible for verifying the animal they see is the animal they get. It’s not 100% on one party or the other. Also, no one is condoning purposefully doctored images, you’re being willfully obtuse.


If I see any reptile that’s been edited online I’ll report, which is what you should do if you see any.
Happens a lot with snakes and with cresties a lot too, but you can definitely see when something is off. And Infact I’ve asked people before for more pics and can clearly see a difference, or even ask for a video!

Yes it’s up to me, you, us all as buyers when looking for a reptile, to notice if something is wrong, or edited and so on.

The breeder shouldn’t do it also, not right imo at all to edit photos. But unfortunately it happens.

I don’t see any on this thread that are edited though I’ll add.

Also a couple examples where a snake or reptile in general looks ‘edited’ but isn’t,
An orange/yellow snake ok purple bedding will make them look more vibrant in colour.
Or a white animal on black, or black on white.
No editing needed just makes them pop!


Im the type who has self awareness and holds my self responsible for my decisions. Exactly how you should be when you read what you typed then decided to post it. If you dont like it here, we wont make you stay👍 Were a loving family here. You seem to think MorphMarket is known for images that arent true and I dont agree, they’re everywhere. Im an informed buyer that thinks people should practice due diligence before any purchase. If you dont understand that then that’s a “you” issue.