Lacey-Act? How Dangerous is This New Update?

Here in the United States, we are facing a new update that could constrict on our ability to keep reptiles that could be considered “injurious”. Does anyone know the specifics? This could be really serious so I wanted to raise awareness on this community and start a conversation.
These are some of the big YT’ers raising awareness for a tiny bit of info.


I would also like to know from more knowledgeable people. I am very scared for our, and others, pets and for some their livelihood.


I believe this relates to this…


Oops, so sorry. This must’ve slipped under my notice. Thanks so much for letting me know!


No need to apologise :blush: the more attention on this the better!


Just reptiles or all animals? Like i have 8 of the deadliest scorpion species in the world as well as possible highly venomous spiders.

Honestly America has been losing its freedoms for quite some time now, i think the whole “war on terror” really picked up the pace on removing our freedoms.

I hate to go off too much on a tangent and ill finish here with this. For being the "freest"country in the world we sure do have a lot of laws telling us what we can’t do.

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The Amendments proposed will probably apply to ALL animals that aren’t cats dogs, or farm livestock. All “exotics”.

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Damn thats depressing. As i understand it was originally intended to protect animals being illegally taken from the wild basically be poached ( i totally could have missread and misunderstood it). Im sure lobbyists like PETA etc. Have a lot to do with this.
We are slipping into a totalitarian society with our eyes wide open.
Seriously this isn’t the America that i served and fought for.

Peoples beloved dogs kill more people than do all our exotics, heck cows kill lots of people.

I shall have to reread the original and read through the proposed amendment. I think this goes beyond a left right or center issue regardless of where we may be politically we all need to come together to defend our love of our exotics.