Lavender in Cresties

Here’s an example of some that are not lavender and some subjective.

Some at the end might be, because they’re light like a lavender and came from one hypo parent but the lavender is being overcome by darker melanin. There’s also a difference when one parent contributes hypo vs when both contribute hypo. The spread of these is 50/50 like normal traits. When both parents appear to be Hzg then the babies have come out 100% lavenders.


Now I REALLY want a Lavender :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Are there some ways that you use to identify lavs in cresteds that you are not certain that it or is line contains Hypo? I am asking due to the large number of available CGs beings wrongly identified and sold as such, and even later breed. Thanks in advance.

@lmr_lmreptiles Thank you, I really appreciate your help! You cleared up a few things.

For me, I’d still not class it as a lavender as it fires up too dark, but that could just be my opinion. Or maybe if the gecko produces lavender offspring?

Majority of my cresties fire down similar to this crestie but they are not lavenders.

I’d class it as from lavender line (providing parent is lavender)

I wish there was a clear definition as to what makes a lavender crested gecko

I’m inclined to agree. I don’t want to buy geckos from breeders that can’t identify colours correctly, but I also realize how difficult it might be.

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I am the same why but that is so hard though because no one really ever agrees or can come to an agreement on the colors.

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Yeah, frustrating. But I can see the light in the tunnel. We just have to keep asking questions and work together. I think one has to study up a little on basic genetics and the terms used, to be able to sift out the people who are misinformed/think they know it all.

Crested gecko morphs was the first thing I read up on when I got interested in cresties last year. I found it pretty easy to figure out who knew what they were talking about and not among crestie breeders, instagrammers and youtubers (Lil monsters, Geckological, Altitude Exotics), simply because they used the basic genetic terms correctly every time. The ones that didn’t, which was pretty much every breeder in my country, I chose not to listen to.


This has been an interesting read, and still leaves me confused as to what delilah may be. Ill have to get fired/unfired pics of her for y’alls opinions.

Shes sooo hard to get fired up. The close up pic of her sode, with that dark spot is how dark shell get. Pet quality only.


My phone makes her appear green.

I’d say not a Lavender.

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Agreed, once she starts firing up she definitely has a green tinge to her.

So, new question, wtf does that make her, morph wise. I never plan on breeding her, she has crappy structure and isnt pretty in the conventional sense, its more fornmy knowledge than anything else.

Would need to see a fired up pic to be sure but I think she is a green based pin dash

She looks like what we used to describe as buckskin. Those are much closer to the wild type and many are phantoms. I’d say for lavender you should also look at the head stamp they should be lighter in color not dark when unfired and are usually filled in. Most all lavenders are light colored cream to paper white, the exception is those who are Tangerine which is a separate gene crossed into them. If in doubt er on the side of caution and call it not a lavender.


Since they lighten as said and he’s not then you know, shame but you’ll find one!

Dolly my extreme tri fires down an amazing lav colour but as she’s dark fired, she’s not a lav, though I’m hoping she’ll produce them eventually when with Erik as both black based :thinking:

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Harley pin dash, try putting her into a tub and misting and leave her for a bit! :grin:

@lmr_lmreptiles Your Lavenders are AMAZING :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

Please excuse me as i tag along on this topic. I have a couple of lavs, some that fire to black and others that just dont. Ive been looking for days because of all the info out there but maybe someone here can point me in the right direction. What happens when you breed a lav to an olive? Assuming the lav was a result of a black/red pairing. :sweat_smile::woozy_face:

Are they true lavs yeah?
As lavs tend to fade, so don’t really fire black.
I have some tris here who are lav coloured fired down but black fired up but aren’t lavs as they’re black

Not something I’d do, I know of people that have done it and nothing happened amazing say, just more olives etc. more morphs like mum/dad but no lavs.


Heres a pic from the breeder. This is her fired down. Im obsessed with her! She comes tomorrow :purple_heart:

Then fired up

Heres my sweet boy. I know the quad game will be strong woth these two but the base… :thinking: also ty for even responding :sweat_smile: im totally new to this side of mm! And from most forums i visited in my youth newbs get ghosted- much love 2 u!