Lavender motley

So I have a lavender motley female. I want to pair her with a male. Any suggestions on a what to pair he with?

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Look at what it is you would like to work with and use this to help you out… Retic genetic calculator


I love lav motleys

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I would go with a Lavender Platnum SUnfire

Always pick what appeals to you. If you like working with a certain morph, you’ll have better luck enjoying the outcome.
Aside from that, I would pair her to a Motley GC Phantom het Purple or het White albino. But again those are my favorite morphs aside from Anery, so go with what appeals to you.

I’d pair her with a Pied combo to make double hets.

When motley is mixed with piedit makes the snakes high white.

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I didn’t know that’s how it worked isn’t it like in ball pythons, right? when you breed higher and higher percentages of white you get higher and higher White in the baby?

Actually in balls it is random. You can put 2 high white pieds together and sill produce low white pieds. While you can try to line breed high white pieds, most the time it’s still random.
I would assume retics would be the same, but I haven’t read enough on that to be sure.

And @partysnake13, you could use a pied to pair with the lavender motley. But they would turn out all het pied and possible het purple and white albino.

I’m pretty sure that they would be all het purple het white albino and also het pies I’m pretty sure that’s what he was saying was it would create a ton of hets

Ball pythons are more random, breedings from low white snakes will regularly produce high white animals.

With low white pied retics, you would be lucky to produce one high white pied from such a pairing.
In order to consistently produce high white retics, you need to either breed high white retics, or add additional morphs, like motley.

Oh for sure they would be all hets. But possible het is completely different than 100% het. It would be much harder to prove out unless you got lucky.

I was just saying hets in general

I’m agreeing with that. But from a marketing and breeding standpoint, it makes a big difference being 100% or 50% is all I was connecting it to.

It would be a gamble, but at the end of the day the double hets would produce albino motley pieds whether would be purple, lavender, or white.

Correct. If you hit on the possible hets, you could produce that. But your odds go down significantly with possible hets and you may not hit them at all. I like possible hets but it’s more a gamble than 100% het, which can still be a gamble.
And with the terminology they technically wouldn’t be double hets. They would be 100% het pied and possible het purple and white.

Well with Clark series lavender albino offspring they’re not possible double hets in a traditional sense, they’re 100% het for albino, we just don’t know if its white or purple.

That’s true, I did forget to take that into account. You would be getting het white or purple, just need to breed to see which one was present.

And if multiple females were held back, one would likely produce a lavender motley pied male, then that male could be ran back to the remaining double het females to produce 2 different phases of albino from each female.

Totally. But the problem with that is unless you want to wholesale your hatchlings, having clutches from say 4 females to try and get a visual pied lav, could leave you with over 100 eggs. That’s a lot of babies to sell or care for if you can’t sell them. And if you’re going to go that route, you’d need to be prepared for that.
That’s why I do Super Dwarfs and Dwarfs. Harder to hit the odds with smaller clutches, but at least you have less to care for if you can’t sell them fast.

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