Leo questions

Actually I have a few questions about my gecko like how often should I put food in her bowl she can’t sight feed and i was wondering how often I should put food in her bowl. I have BSFL discoid roaches mealworms superworms tiny horworms and crickets i don’t want to put crickets in the bowl for her safety and all the other insects cant escape the bowl. She doesn’t notice any small movement but will mover her head if something creates large movement. I put some calcium powder in her food bowl and a bit spilled out but I saw her eating that. This is my first reptile with sight problems and all advice is greatly appreciated!

Apparently she decided to eat out if her bowl and now will tong feed so she solved the problems herself.

They will search out calcium if they feel the need. I have a girl that doesn’t like to eat out of her bowl. Movement doesn’t really do it for her. I can leave things in the bowl and she can take days to eat any of it, if she does eat any. It takes a min. but I enjoy tong feeding even my ones that bowl feed. It’s easier to know what they are eating and how much. I can pull insects out of the bowl infront of them and it gets them going. I like to drop a few worms and roaches to scurry around to get them going and some exercise in-between. But she shows no interest, it’s funny, she is one of my most accurate eaters too.

Thank you for the tip! This is my first lizard with a sight problem so I just need some help and help I received!

@mblaney is one of the resident Leo experts. Sorry saw this go past the other day, didn’t realize you didn’t get a response. It seems Leopard enthusiast are a minority here right now.

Yeah its mostly ball python and other snakes with the most enthusiasm rn but I see why they are adorable little noodles! But I also have the best news! Sitrus will now “sight feed” she will only do it in the morning and on my bedroom carpet and I have no idea why. She likes chasing them around and will only eat them if she had a good chase i think she can hear them running around or something. She ate 4 medium crickets 3 discoid roaches and 2 of the discoids where lightly dusted! I was worried that she was going to be underweight for awhile but if she keeps this up she should be good!