Let’s see some inverts

I have some of my millipedes in another post. Here is a curly hair tarantula.

And this may be a future investment:


Love the T! Not so sure about the bugs😬

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I’m not sure about them either. They are giant burrowing roaches from Australia that cost $250 to $350 for a sexed juvenile pair. That pair will take 3-5 years of their 10 year lifespan to mature and then produce 3-20 offspring per year that the female will nurture for 6+ months before they can be separated. They are definitely a specialty animal to work with.

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Only inverts I have are millipedes! They are Orthoporus Ornatus and I definitely want a G. Pulstripes T!

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Here is one of my favorite isopod species, a female porcellio expansus: