Looking for opinions on what to breed with my female Bel

I have a female Bel ( Lesser x Lesser) I want to purchase a male to breed with her in the future (she is only a year and not ready yet, so wanting to get a male set up for the future). Just wondering what would be a good male morph to make something that is desirable and people would definitely want. I am partial to Bels and my wife really likes to looks of pieds. I know almost all ball pythons are desirable and they will eventually sell, but I am looking to make something so I can expand and also use as future breeders also. Any opinions are welcome.

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Blackhead combos and leopard combos would be my go-to. Lesser does really nice things with both genes. Orange dream leopard lessers are very nice if you like stripes, blackhead combos add nice dark contrast as well. I’m not impressed with orange dream blackhead combos though, but there are plenty of great options out there, those were just the two that came to the top of my head.


Look around on the marketplace for morphs that you like. All of the babies will inherit the lesser gene. If you want to avoid BELs (which I recommend, it’s impossible to identify most morphs) then don’t pair to a mojave or lesser. Pieds aren’t possible to produce in the first generation unless both parents are het or visual.


Look at lesser combos on the market and see what you like. That’s the best way … I would also agree with avoiding other bel genes. Here’s the lists of different allelic genes.