Low to Nil white pied

Has anyone else produced a proven line of pied with the white percentage being consistent. I have a bloodline that consistently gives me nil to no white every time .


That is crazy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full piebald patterned snake. Nice one for sharing :+1:

Edit: I’m that impressed I’m going to add it to the Morph Encyclopedia for Piebalds, as a way of showing of their pattern :grin:


Love the low white!

Just for my understanding, when you say ‘consistently’ and ‘every time’ how many breedings and how many nil-white produced? Have you tried outcrossing to see if it breeds true? How related were the parents?

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I’m in the minority, in that I actually prefer low-white pieds. I’m a sucker for anything with a very busy pattern, and low-white pieds are aces in that department.


0% white pied


There is a lady I’m friendly with on Facebook who actually has been working her specific line of pied to consistently produce no white pieds. Her name is Nikki Lindsay she has produced no white pieds from her line for a while now. Selectively bred them that each generation she got less and less white until finally no white pieds.

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I have a extremely low white pied I produced. Her and her parents are also very low white. The white is so low it just looks like a ringer but I know it’s not because it was pied to pied for the pairing. I’ll see about posting pics when I feed her tomorrow

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This here… is Barnaby.
I’ve made animals like him sort of consistantly over the past few year, also: always very low white to boot-. I’m normally selling these as normal Pieds, but this time I was keeping one back for genetic testing-.
Trouble is: I’m now at a point where I have to be more reasonable, and given the fact that my females are tied up in other project he’s now available (at about 700g’s). Maybe I shouldn’t, but we do what we have to do… :worried: