MBK Sexing Help Please

Hoping we can keep Esteban named Esteban. Please let me know.


Uh oh, Looks like a female with that kinda tail.

From the looks of this picture it seems female. It also looks like Esteban needs a diet lol. Do you know how to pop or use the speed bump method for sexing?

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Female indeed. :grimacing:

Nope, never done those. But if he’s a she, I’ll take yalls word for it.

You might start calling “her” Gloria Esteban! Tee hee. Pretty snake either way!

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I agree with everybody else, definitely looks to be female.

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Well thanks for that everyone. Guess I’ll start referring to her as a queen snake!

Now I’ve gotta think up a girl’s name.


Esteban is steve or steven in Spanish if that helps

I will quote my previous instructions on how to feel for speed bumps from another thread.

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Estefanía is the feminine version of Esteban if that helps.


Or just… Esta :sweat_smile:

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Reina is her new name!

But I do like Esta too :grinning: