Mexican Black Kingsnake gender

This is my 4 month old Mexican Black King, Nagini. She was sold to me as a female but I wanted the opinion of others.


Going by what I was told about my Nuevo León, I would say that she is a female.

My male has a very long tail!

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@ashleyraeanne was very helpful, helped me with my boy! Maybe they can answer also :blush:


Where the butt is, that’s where the tail starts and it looks to be a female but if wanna try you can pop but i wouldn’t recommend because it can hurt your snake if you give to much pressure

Don’t try popping without having someone very experienced show you. I think it’s unnecessary since they can be sexed other ways. You can also feel for speed bumps but I’m not positive what they mean (@ashleyraeanne can help).


Looks like a female to me from that angle. I will put this here because typing it out again would too much.

You will only fully know what a speed bump is by actually feeling one. It is especially obvious on mature males. You can also try watching a bunch of videos on popping colubrids, as that is how I learned to pop. You just have to remember to be gentle.