More Analytics Request

I would love to see Morph Market offer analytics on:

How many sold in a date range
Ability to filter by type
Average time to sell
Trends like most popular morphs
Top sellers

Site has been up for a few years now and it’s the industry standard. Time for some data!

Agree or disagree?



As a unapologetic nerd I am always down for some beautiful beautiful data.


That would be cool! I was actually tempted to see if I could chart the prices of certain morphs over time (like the last 10 years) because I feel like it would really informative.


It would be nice to see some stats and I’m sure it would help people when it comes to thinking about the future and what to buy.

John (Morphmarket owner) actual put out the data for the most popular morphs here… Top 100 Ball Python Genes (Jan 2020)

I think things like average time to sell would need doing manually, and could take a awful long time to put together.

Top sellers would be a problem on here (the forum, not the store) as we are against promoting stores or breeders.

I’m sure we can come up with a few other stats that would be nice to see aswel.

This already exists…

I’m talking analytics, not search. The ability to see number sold/posted over a date range by type.

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Cool idea. Just sounds like a fair bit of programming to make it happen.

I mean filter the analytics. Like how many banana enchi’s sold in the last month. How many Het Clowns with Pastel are currently available. What is the average price of a Female Super Pastel, etc…