Top 100 Ball Python Genes (Jan 2020)

To kick off the New Year, and to support @eaglereptiles good work, I computed the top 100 ball python genes by quantity that are currently for sale in our market (in the US). These are the same you’d find in the market index, except I’ve combined counts across the different trait types per gene, and add the rank/sort.


  1. This is just one way to count the “top 100”
  2. “Normal” aka “wild type” which isn’t really a gene is at rank 57, but in reality would be the most common. It’s just that only ads with no genes get this tag.
  3. The list also contains a few other trait tags which aren’t actually genes (e.g., “Paradox”, “Female Maker”).
Rank Gene Count
1 Pastel 5811
2 Piebald 3578
3 Clown 3487
4 Yellow Belly 2434
5 Enchi 2070
6 Banana 1850
7 Spider 1741
8 Fire 1549
9 Ghost 1430
10 Pinstripe 1319
11 Mojave 1302
12 Leopard 1249
13 Orange Dream 1243
14 Albino 1078
15 Lesser 1016
16 Cinnamon 964
17 GHI 875
18 Black Pastel 566
19 Axanthic (VPI) 542
20 Butter 503
21 Genetic Stripe 448
22 Vanilla 433
23 Lavender Albino 424
24 Desert Ghost 402
25 Spotnose 401
26 Calico 383
27 Gravel 349
28 Scaleless Head 337
29 Champagne 327
30 Bamboo 298
31 Hidden Gene Woma 281
32 Ultramel 256
33 Coral Glow 254
34 Blade 239
35 Mystic 238
36 Black Head 222
37 Candy 219
38 Asphalt 202
39 Specter 200
40 Axanthic (TSK) 196
41 Chocolate 192
42 Mahogany 191
43 Orange Ghost 160
44 Cypress 150
45 Puzzle 142
46 Red Stripe 142
47 Het Red Axanthic 138
48 Special 127
49 Bongo 123
50 Phantom 116
51 Granite 113
52 Spark 112
53 Woma 104
54 Sunset 102
55 Russo 92
56 Caramel Albino 88
57 Normal 78
58 Disco 78
59 Sugar 74
60 Paradox 69
61 Acid 68
62 Sulfur 67
63 Mckenzie 63
64 Trick 62
65 Lace 56
66 Tri-stripe 56
67 Nanny 54
68 Fader 52
69 Huffman 48
70 Monsoon 46
71 Monarch 45
72 GeneX 41
73 Mocha 40
74 Lucifer 38
75 Toffee 35
76 Cryptic 33
77 Cinder 33
78 Arroyo 32
79 Sandblast 32
80 Paint 31
81 Ringer 31
82 Dinker 31
83 Raven 30
84 Confusion 28
85 Sable 28
86 Odium 27
87 Black Axanthic 27
88 Sentinel 25
89 Citrus Pastel 23
90 Jolliff Tiger 23
91 Grim 23
92 Jungle Woma 22
93 Axanthic (Jolliff) 21
94 Surge 21
95 Hurricane 21
96 Carbon 20
97 Female Maker 19
98 Honey 19
99 Static 19
100 Shatter 18

I can’t explain how handy this is for me. Thank you for all your support @john I really really appreciate it :blush:


Going through the list I notice a few that may need jumbling about or maybe removing, depending on everyone’s thoughts.

#57: Normal → #000
#60: Paradox → do we make a dedicated page for Paradoxes?
#81: Ringer → do we make a dedicated page for Ringers?
#97: Female maker

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Het Red Axanthic is it’s own co-dominant gene. Red Axanthic is the super form of Het Red Axanthic. HRA isn’t Heterozygous someone just named it that way. I believe it is also the same as Green Pastel, but it shouldn’t be removed from the list.

This is my single Gene Het Red Axanthic.


I never knew that, thank you :grin:.
I wonder why it was named ‘het’ in the first place then.


No worries! When I first learned about them I was confused too! Glad I could help. :grin:


It’s definitely confusing since it doesn’t fit the usual naming convention in the hobby of only calling animals with recessive genes heterozygous, but it is heterozygous.

Just like what we call “Pastel” is a Het Pastel, and what we call a “Super Pastel” is a homozygous Pastel. But since Het Pastel is a visual morph the hobby drops the “het” and we replace the “homozygous” with “super.” Then we usually do pretty much the opposite with recessive traits - keep the “het” but then drop the “homozygous” completely.

I want to say the name HRA was adopted as a band-aid for originally mistaking how the gene worked in the first place which caused the homozygous form to get the name “Red Axanthic.” But someone else probably has a better idea than I do on that.


Paradox and ringer could be on a misc. page of extra info, and female maker can be explained on the page of the morph it follows like banana.


Thank you for that, that makes sense. (What you said, not the naming system in general… The guys before us balls that up :joy:) :blush:

This is why I’m enjoying doing this so much, every single day since starting I have learnt something new.

Such as another thing I came across are “hooks” on Yellowbelly. I’ve looked at hundred of pictures of them over the past few weeks and not until I read a comment on a random post from years back on another forum did I notice the “hooks”… I went back and checked all them pictures again and it seems to pop up a lot in YB. Any thoughts on that?

Here’s examples of what I mean.

Normal "alien heads"


Looks like a alien head, usually 1 or 2 eyes

YB "Hooks"


“Hooked” alien heads with 1 or many eyes

DG "blanks"


Very few eyes if any

I know several morphs show these exact characteristics aswel but it took a years old comment for me to notice it with YB


@eaglereptiles I feel like you’re gathering all this data before you give your master presentation as a prestigious reptile event ha-ha . Love all the things you find and explain - best when you include pics!


Thank you Anna :joy: if I ever hold that presentation you’ll be first on the invite list :grin:


To make it even more confusing, there is a video in youtube about het red axanthic in which they claim it is also the same as lace black back, and is almost the same as BHB’s Lori. The last one I never found proof off somewhere else, but if you check world of ball pythons and check lace black back(Amir Solemani) there is written:aka green pastel. Het red axanthic is from Corey Woods.If you check gargoyle you get combination lace black back and black pastel. But if you check for het red axanthic cinnamon there is written: aka gargoyle. I makes me think of the correctness of world of ball pythons because cinnamon and black pastel are really not the same and even don’t look the same. But I think lace black pastel and red het acanthic are like coral glow and banana. Same thing, but different origin. And gargoyle is like panda pied. A panda pied can be made with super black pastel, super cinni or cinni and black pastel. One thing is for shure, they are allelic to black pastel and cinnamon.

Long story but saw on a kind of Graigs list my lesser pinstripe yellowbelly het red axanthic and fell in love. He has a back patern I never saw before and I couldn’t find any other no matter how I searched the internet. Was sold as a lesser yellowbelly but looked nothing alike. After months seeing him I finally mailed the seller. He didn’t know either. He bought him from a British breeder in a expo here in Holland but the paper he got was also not to clear. There was “het red” written on but had no idea what this was. He buys and sells all the time but had very big difficulty of selling him because there was so much confusion about the genes. But by checking the facebook page of the breeder I finally found him with the full description. He claims it is even a world first.There is even a youtube video with the breeder and the dad of mine is in. Virtualy the same minus the yellow belly. So that’s why I really dived in this het red axanthic confusion.


Edit: if anyone is interested in joining the confusion called “het red axanthic” and Green pastel, the youtube video is from K&S exotics posted in juli 2018.

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