New member and wanting to learn the best way to start a project Right

Hello Everyone. I’m from the Omaha Ne area and have owned Balls for a few yrs . I’m currently researching What it takes to start a successful breeding project. Also identifying gen . Looking forward to be part of this community. thks!


Start with a goal in mind, pick something with genes that you enjoy and you like but still have some value so if/when you go to sell them you won’t get stuck with them. Once you have a goal in mind figure out how you’re going to get there, some examples follow.

  • Are you going to start with a single pairing and there’s a chance that the offspring’s going to be what you want
  • Are you going to start with two pairing and by breeding the pairs and breeding the offspring and that pairing has a chance to be your end goal
  • Any of the above with more plans afterwards
    Also you need to have a rack or lots of aquariums/tubs for the offspring and breeders.

Welcome Mojo :blush:

@erie-herps makes some good points worth thinking over.

Some other things that will help.

  • Advertising yourself.

  • Being active in the community.

    • Here is probably the best place to start, everyone here loves reptiles, otherwise they wouldn’t be here.
    • Get on Instagram and Facebook and make friends. Share their posts and they will do the same for you.
  • Buying quality stock.

    • This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, but rather in the sense of your direction… As a example, If you want to produce dark morphs then only buy dark variations of that gene… Clean - buy clean, Dirty - buy dirty, Reduced - buy reduced.
    • Don’t buy into everything, you will quickly burn out of both money and plans.

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