More Projects Ahead!

Hey everyone!! We have another couple of ball pythons in our collection as we work to improve future breeding stock. We have a awesome Spector Pied male, he’s pounding small asfs’ and coloring up almost each shed. We recently purchased a Yellowbelly het Pied as well from Cin City Reptile Show. This is in hopes to produce Super Stripe Pieds we can use either, to try and layer in more on that combo specifically, or to dive further into more Super Stripe (Complex) combos. We have another Spector Pied female as well but due to tech errors our photos didn’t come out as I hoped. Here is a the Male Spector Pied and Yb het Pied. If you didn’t see our last post be sure to click below to keep updated on New Age Reptiles!

.New Project Animals (extension)