New Project Animals (extension)

I’m definitely excited about the progress made, this is the beginnings of a passion made reality from my perspective. I made a previous post as this is an extension of that one. We are putting together a plan to breed ball pythons and dubias. I’ve spent time volunteering at breeding operations and now assist in managing another reptile room full time. I’m hoping to produce amazing super asphalts and work more in depth with the super stripe complex. I will have 3 colonies of dubias starting up here soon as well. My last post was missing my male Enchi Asphalt that we hope to pair with our female Pastel As/Yb who will be dna tested soon. We also aquired a absolutely beautiful pos readhead dh pi/cln. I look forward to posting more updates. I will attempt to make our mm animals page semi public here soon.


Nicely done…keep us posted regards Tony


Gorgeous snakes! Best of luck to you and looking forward to seeing what you produce! :blush: