Morph Combo Question

I am new to ball python breeding and have grown a collection of breeders/future breeders. I recently acquired two new pythons and was thinking about what to pair them with or pair them together. The female I got was a Bumblebelly named Lefty due to her wobble condition. I also got a male OD Cinnamon Champagne.

My thinking made me fall into a rabbit hole of videos and articles about lethal combos and what to not pair together. Spider and Champagne being one. So my question is, because of the other genes within both these pythons, would it be worth the risk of pairing?

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Its up to you. I wouldnt. There is nothing overly special about the genes here that would say the pairing is a must. There is risk. Its up to you.

Sounds like you already researched your answer. No.


It would just cause possible unnecessary suffering to whatever unlucky snake might get a copy of both the spider and champagne gene. Not a good plan. This is why I will only get male snakes that have the possibility of having the wobble. That way I can never get the urge to breed em together just because of the other genes they might have.

To put it simply, adding more genes will not ‘improve/cure’ any genetic condition.

The wobble issue is directly tied to the allele (let’s say DNA) being given from the spider/champagne.

If that allele is present then so is the condition.
Basically ~90% visuals from your pairing will carry the condition. With only a few combos possible that dont (pewter, pastel orange Dream, cinnamon orange Dream) and there is a 3% chance of you hitting each of them.

I’d say this is a bad pairing.

Does black head mask the wobble or is that a myth?

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