Morph ID help for my girl

Hey guys, picked up this girl (Mikey) a while ago but I’m having trouble figuring out her morph. Any ideas?

I plan on buying a morph guide in the future but haven’t had a chance to get it yet.

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We are going to need better pictures if you want us to help you identify the morph.

Use this as reference for what would be needed.
Also, you don’t need to buy a morph guide. You can use this site;
You can also search morphs on MM and just select the “All” option when searching. Learn morphs through just looking at all of the examples.

I’ll definitely check that site out. Here are some more pictures of Mikey.

She has chosen to be very wiggly in the process and the cats don’t really want to help me with her lol

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Here is I think a decent side shot

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Unfortunately this girl came from PetCo so other than ‘fancy’ I don’t know her actual genetics. And natural light isn’t an option in my apartment. PetCo dude said lavender pastel. Another person said mystic or mystic potion

Definitely not lavender pastel. I wouldn’t say mystic or mystic potion either. I think it is something with mojave and cinnamon. It might take me a bit to find the right combo, but maybe some pictures taken outside in sunlight may help. I need a better back shot with better light.

Okay, I’ll post more pictures tomorrow then. I’m sure my buddy across the parking lot will help :slight_smile:

Butter Pewter

Possibly a Cinny Lesser…?

Here is my Cinny Lesser.

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@t_h_wyman I don’t think it is washed out enough to be a butter/lesser pewter. They are usually a lot more faded than that. @chromatic_creations It could be a butter/lesser cinnamon. I am just not used to seeing so many keyholes in butter/lesser combos.

It depends on the age of the animal, most of the ones you see are the ones listed for sale and they are generally photographed after their first or second shed. With a little more size to them they can get pretty dark.

As a point of reference:

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It still looks more like a lesser cinnamon from the examples given and from what I have seen on MM. Here is another cinnamon lesser that looks a lot closer to it.

Here are some daylight pictures.

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I would say cinnamon lesser possible fire since it is slightly lighter and it doesn’t have any dark browns. It could just be a light cinny lesser though. Only way to tell fire is to let it grow and see if it gets lighter in color instead of dulling over time.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at her for me! She’s a sweet girl and I appreciate your help.