Morph ID helps

I picked up this girl locally as a rehome a few months ago and I’m still a bit stumped on her genetics. Her owner said DG + Pastel + OD, but I immediately discounted OD from her light appearance. She looks a lot like a Pastel DG, but my doubt hinges on dirtiness in her pattern and lack of an apparent black ‘zipper’ line along her back that seems common (though perhaps not universal?) among Pastel DG. Any other ideas, or does Pastel + DG look likely to y’all?


Definitely looks to be at least desert ghost pastel. I wouldn’t discount the orange dream on the basis of light color, since desert ghost drastically reduces the color. However, I’m not experienced enough to be sure about the orange dream.


those pics are a little difficult to really to help id. Just for refrence this is a pastel desert ghost.

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Some slightly better ones…I don’t have great lighting right now :slight_smile:

Yours seems very similar and doesn’t have much of the zipper effect, but it’s definitely obvious across some of the yellow dorsal midsection. My girl doesn’t have that anywhere so far as I can tell.


I would place my guess on it being a Pastel OD DG. :man_shrugging:

@hinglesherps will be a good guy to ask for a better opinion on this though.


Pastel OD, definitely not a visual DG.


even if its not a DG that is still one hell of a quality pastel combo for it to look like a DG. I would love to have a side project where a dominant or co dom gene looks like a recessive just because it is such a high quality example.


Wes, as you said…the side pattern is a bit dirty. Head is also too dark for a pastel DG head. I’m going to say pastel orange dream. I’m pretty certain no Desert Ghost. I’m attaching a picture of a pastel desert ghost I own.


Interesting, I wouldn’t have guessed OD Pastel. I actually have a Pastel OD YB and their colors seem worlds apart to me (photos don’t do it justice; more pronounced with better lighting). Also the snake in question has much more pattern blending -


your only other option is to breed it to a visual dg and prove it out. Best of luck with it.

@hinglesherps that is one smoking hot example of a pastel dg. :clap: :clap:


Wes, I only said OD pastel based on what the original owner told you. If you showed me that picture with no info I would have said pastel enchi. It’s obvious the previous owner had no clue about her, but it’s possible she is a het Desert Ghost.