Morph ids and possible feeding schedule?

Just yesterday I bought a rack system that came with 6 snakes. The rack looks to be in good shape, just over a year old. The snakes, not so much… There are 5 California kingsnakes and 1 Western Hognose. When I got to the place where the seller lived, I found out all the snakes were kept in the rack in the garage. It was 38 degrees out there and the only thing the building offered was shelter from the wind. The snakes were cold and sluggish, most were on top of where the heat tape was. He told me the Hognose was female and double het snow, the male kingsnake was albino, a large female king was het albino, and he never said what the smaller adult was. There were also 2 young kingsnakes, both albino supposed female from the above pair. He said he was selling since he didn’t have time for them and had lost 7 of his previous 13 snakes the winter before. I didn’t look at them much in the garage as it was cold and dark. When I got them home and could see better I noticed that they were all dehydrated and malnourished. On the scale of 1-9 the hognose, 2 young kings, and the proven female are all around 3.5-4. Not bad but also could be better. The young adult is probably a 3, and the proven male I would guess a 1.5-2. He is pitiful. As I was looking at him in his box he started coming out so I put my finger under his chin to direct him back like all the others, he opens his mouth and slowly (because he’s cold) tries to catch my finger. I hope to feed them this afternoon, one mouse each. How should I go about getting weight back on the male? More often feeding? Bigger meals? I’m not too concerned about the others as they are in pretty fixable condition, but he looks to be on deaths doorstep. He is decently active now that he’s at room temperature, he also (along with the others) guzzled a lot of water. All 6 together nearly drank a quart of water.

No snake is pictured twice, all are alert and active.


Omg you are a saint saving these guys from an obvious crap situation. Most of them look weight wise pretty solid. But then kings aren’t known for being picky. I don’t have much advice to give but plenty of well wishes! Good luck with all of them!

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I originally just wanted the racks, but seeing them I may try to keep them. If not at least put weight on them before I sell them.

I would not recommend pushing them too hard to eat more than the usual amount of food. Overfeeding animals that are already weak is asking for a regurge, which could be very bad for an already weak animal. Let them gain weight at a steady pace from a normal feeding schedule. Try one moderate sized prey item every seven days and closely monitor for regurges. It is never good for an animal’s system to gain weight too fast.

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I was going to aim for one adult mouse per 7 days unless something drastic changes. All the adults had a mouse tonight. The albino male looks so much better this afternoon, he drank a lot of water this morning and quite a bit throughout the day. He looks like months went by!


They seem to be doing much better these last few days! They have all perked up, started moving, and all ate. I have turned the heating on now that they are used to room temp. Is 88 too hot for the day? Also, I’ll add pics of what they weighed. Anyone know healthy weight for 1-2 year old male and female?

Hognose female

Adult albino male

Smaller adult female (I think)

Proven het albino female

Larger supposed female

Smaller female
The adults were after a meal, the babies are before since I didn’t have the right size that night.


I have tried to get pics of their tails to see if anyone could sex them. All I know is what the previous owner said and I would like other opinions. I tried to look at them myself but I can’t see much of a difference :sweat_smile:.

Smaller adult “female”

I know this is a male, he’s the sire of the babies

Larger adult “female”, I think she is the mom of the babies

Baby 1 (lager)

Baby 2 (smaller) also she was trying to musk on me

I’d love figure out who is what, especially trying to sell the babies.

You would have to pop/probe them to get a 100% on their gender. Can’t always just go by the way to tail looks.