Morph Issues [Leopard Geckos]

Time to create a up to date list on Leopard Gecko issues.

Morph Issues

This is a list of all the morphs and combos that have known issues associated with them. Feel free to reply with updates to this list.

Last Update: January 24 2022

Morph Issue Source
Enigma Enigma Syndrome [1] [2]
White and Yellow Balance Issues [3]
Lemon Frost Inherited Cancer [4]
Albino (Tremper), (Bell), (Rainwater) Light Sensitive [5]
Noir Desir Black-Eye Eye deformities [6]


Morph Issue Source
Super Snow (TUG), (Mack), (Gem) Facial Deformities [7]

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Any I’m missing/suspected?


I am not super versed in leopards so I will defer to others. I though I had heard something about APTOR/RAPTOR back in the day but cannot recall what it was and if it was ever actually pegged down


I love this!


Noir Desire Black-Eye - Eye deformities


I haven’t noticed any facial deformities with the TUGs/Gems/Macks. I own several Macks (two single-copy & one Super) and have honestly never seen anyone report facial deformations, this is the first I’ve heard about it. I’d hesitate to include it without finding a lot more support, I think the leopard gecko breeding community might react negatively to seeing the Snows listed. (I’ll try and remember to watch the video to investigate! :nerd_face:)

RAPTORS are Tremper Eclipses, and APTORS are Tremper het. Eclipse. I’ve not heard of any issues with them aside from the light sensitivity. Eclipse + Enigma combined, as well as Eclipse + (any) Albino combined, seem to have more sensitive eyes than regular albinos, but I think there’s only anecdotal evidence.

I own a Stealth (Bell albino + Mack Snow + Enigma + Eclipse), and he is extremely light-sensitive, way more than my Rainwater Patternless Albino, Typhoon (Rainwater albino + Eclipse), or Mack Diablo Blanco (Mack Snow + Tremper albino + Eclipse + Blizzard).

NDBE is also reportedly linked to infertility, but I have zero sources to back that, I’ve only heard it from others. The eye deformities are definitely the main thing I’ve heard thus far.


I’ve heard rumors of deformative super snows but I haven’t seen any solid proof. It could be unrelated to the morph (inbreeding, natural deformities, incubation faults, etc) or it could only sometimes occur.


I haven’t heard of, or seen, any deformaties related to the snow gene for Leo’s either. I had incubation issue deformaties, but that’s about it. I had worked with Mack Snow + Rainwater combos and plan on getting back to them in 2022.

Maybe snow just happened to be in the genetics of an animal suffering from an incubation issue?


I think the only thing I have heard of from breeders and had happen in my super snow is that they can be really iffy when it comes to temperature sexing. They are kind of difficult in that area.


I’m pretty sure this also occurs in heterozygous mack snows. They have different temperature ranges for male and female geckos.


I know super snows (depending on lineage) can have a bad rap for growing slowly aswell as deformities. I have one super and I’ve had this issue, it’s becoming less common thankfully but it is still an issue.