Morph Issues [Reticulated Pythons]

So we don’t yet have a Morph Issues thread for Retics… Let’s get one made.

Morph Issues

This is a list of all the morphs and combos that have known issues associated with them. Feel free to reply with updates to this list.

Last Update: April 07 2022

Morph Issue Source
Jaguar Wobble [1]
Super Golden Child Often Fatal, Wobble, Smaller Size, Deformities. [2] [3] [4]
Leucistic Develop a fatal gastrointestinal problem when they are young. [5]
Super Motley Wobble [6][7]
Super Tiger (needs confirmation)Tongue Kink

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Does golden child x motley have a wobble?


Just let you know Thomas, it is not that lucys have weak health, but usually develop a fatal gastrointestinal problem when they are young. Robert Euvion wrote a paper I think back in 2016, saying that people should make sure that they wait until the animal has reached a significant size (5-6 ft) to be confident that you are avoiding gastrointestinal problems.

I am still trying to locate the document.


I think that super tigers have a small tongue kink, if I remember correctly when talking among some retic breeders about super tigers, as I really wanted one, but of course wait until that is confirmed.

@sadistic-viper would be a great help her as she has been very open about retic morph issues in the past.


I have found it said that by 12-18 months old luecistic that don’t die usually are ok. That would probably put them at 5-6 feet long as lumpy stated. I have heard that the lemonglow, more specifically the Rice line lemonglow can produce healthy luecistics on a regular basis. Probably doesn’t matter since we breed different platinum lines together. Retic. Breeders should have treated platinum as a recessive gene instead. Could have labeled them het. Luecistic, het. Ivory ect. Even though the het. Form is visual. In my opinion.


I believe that super golden child is also often fatal and can have other problems like smaller size and deformities. I think it’s similar to super black pastel in ball pythons.


Any luck with this?

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No, not yet. It might have been on a forum that was closed. I have a book that mentions it though, that is how I was able to quote it, see?

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I think I might have found it, give me a second…

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Can you please add a link to the book on amazon?

Sure, also here is what it says in the references.

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Here is the link to the book

Reticulated pythons: A complete guide to care and husbandry

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One of the things I did notice was the “small size” being mentioned. There are only a very small handful of them still living, including my girl. But she is 17ft and 6 years old. One thing I am noticing is that she seems to have a sensitive stomach as well, which will cause her to have diarrhea after about 3-4 days after eating. This has become a bit more frequent, but I also don’t feed her too often. I also try to change up her meal options too.

Outside of that, the rest is pretty true. They even have different head shapes that are wider with a shorter snout compared to other Retics


Bringing this up again since it never got an answer

No from what I have read or heard. What does is super golden child.


That’s interesting. I figured since both super golden child and super motley wobble, they might also have a wobble together as non-supers

I definitely can see how you draw that conclusion but it doesn’t appear to be the case.

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That’s an interesting thought, but I only think that it would work that way if they are allelic, which I don’t think they are.

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So if im to understand that these certain genetic traits ( mutations) similar like what we have done with dogs and cats. We look for certain characteristics and then breed the hell out of them and possibly interbreed them. What we are getting is genetic defects that we have exploited and overbred.

I hope im not coming across badly, just trying to understand the morph thing. Is all these morphs a result of inbreeding and exploiting genetic flaws. Such as albinism, it is a genetic flaw that has real world health consequences with that, yet we have people making albinos.

I hope im not coming across as argumentative or negatively. I also could be showing my ignorance on the subject and my love of animals possibly causing me to be overly sensitive. I do find some of the morphs to look amazing but i hope our love of aesthetics doesn’t out do our love for the animals.

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