Morphs in demand

Would anyone be willing to share what morphs they find to be reliable sellers? I have some guesses but would love to hear from people who have been at this a while on what seems to move and what is harder to sell.

I have not sold any of these but have bought a few and notice they usually don’t last long in the for sale side

  1. Desert Ghost
  2. Freeways or Gravel

Just my 2 cents


I can go one further and give you the Top 100 Ball Python Genes (Jan 2020) :wink:

This is a count of how many have been listed, not sold though.


Just like the list that Tom has provided you will notice that recessives do especially well and also hold the best value. If you are looking for morphs to get into that you think will sell better I recommend and always say get into what you like most because if you get into a morphs you don’t like yet you breed it because you think it will sell then the passion for the hobby will burn out quickly. When I had a larger collection not too long ago my clown and het clown combos would sell quickly and often times locally compared to a few other morphs I had.


There’s several different looks I’m interested in pursuing but I’m pretty limited on space so when it comes down to the specifics of pairings I’d like to take into account what combinations will be likely to produce offspring that won’t sit around for too long.

this is excellent, thank you!

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