Morphs with "Benefits"

'Kay, soooooo …

I feel like a newbie. Eek! :rofl:

After what looks like about a 5-year hiatus from really immersing myself in ball pythons (I thought it was more like 3 years, but the Morph Maker’s Guide has a copyright of 2014, so that would make it more like 5 years of being out of touch … GEEEZZZ) … I got the bug again, somehow, and I’m thinking of making the giant leap and re-entering the morph scene.

I’m starting out slow, though, and I figure I’ll just go back to breeding my heretofore stagnant collection awhile before reinvesting … Though it is tempting to want to go back in feet-first and pick up some of those really shiny things that were a little financially out of reach 5 years ago. :wink:

Problem is, I’ve been so out of touch for so long, it’s tough to re-orient! Getting a handle on pricing and some of the new morphs is easy enough, but it’s the subtler things that make the difference … The stuff that maybe takes a little more industry immersion.

My biggest concern, at this point, is this:

I’m in no way casting judgement on anyone who keeps and breeds any of these morphs, but I have decided for my own reasons not to work with any morphs that come with a high price (eg, defect). I know that includes spiders, champagnes and womas for neurologic defects and caramels and cinnamons for spinal kinks. What am I missing? Is there a list somewhere of known “defects,” or … ?

I realize that it probably still isn’t popular to talk about this stuff, but really – we all know it, so it seems better off said than not so that we can all avoid surprise and heartache. :confused:

Welcome back :blush:

Here is a short list of known morph issues.

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Welcome back to the community @kittathowlinghill! Jump in a little bit. Get something exciting as you build. Sometimes it’s okay to have dessert before the entree.

I have still yet to encounter a champagne with any wobble, my own champagne has 0 wobble and none of his siblings or his dad had wobble. It seems like you can actually breed the wobble out of champagne, unlike with spiders. The only morphs that always have wobble are spiders, super spotnose and I believe HGW. I don’t believe just spotnose wobbles, as I have heard that it doesn’t. That being said, I have only seen super cinnamon have kinks. Super black pastel also throws kinks from what I have seen. Supers of many morphs seem to have a higher chance of having problems, I have even seen a few super pastel have kinks. Though the one that I can think of that doesn’t throw kinks/have issues is super mahogany. So instead of a super cinnamon or black pastel project (if you are wanting a black snake) would be super mahogany.

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I thought the issue with Champagnes was running into some problems with certain combos from it not just champagne by itself.

Get what you like most and you can’t go wrong.


@thecrawdfather Yeah, like if you breed other known wobblers to it. Inbreeding might have some effect on the champagne wobble too, since inbreeding can increase the chance for things to go wrong.

@osbornereptiles some day I will have enough money for an urban camo from you :weary:
We are both in Indy so that is nice :joy:

Wait you guys are here in Indy too? :joy::joy::joy:

Hopefully our odds end up better this season.

:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Such a small world.

Dangit, why did you have to remind me that I can’t make an urban camo without cinnamons? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the input all. Good to know there’s nothing major I’m missing. I do recall there was a morph out there where the females could not produce viable clutches and got eggbound … Can anyone refresh my memory as to what that was?

What is the morph in the 1st pic? Is that an urban camo mojave?

little snake: “Pssttt… wanna hear a joke?”
big snake: “Okay”
little snake: “What do you use to get paint off a snake?”
big snake: “I dunna know… what?”
little snake: “Serpentine.”

okay, i’ll see my way out


That is a Sandblast Killer Pied.


It was the desert morph.

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@kittathowlinghill cinnamons are fine as long as you don’t try to make supers, that’s where the kinking comes in to play. So enjoy your urban camos


Aah, I thought that urban camo was a super cinny pied? … Shows you how out of it I am!

Yeah, I was on track for urban camos – I even made some kinda paradox super cinny pastel somethingorother that looked a lot like one – but the babies were pretty “special,” so that definitely ruined super cinnies for me. Aah well.


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This place helps answer any questions and if you say anything wrong it will be quickly CORRECTED…