Morphs with different names

So there are some morphs that are the same but came from different breeders (Banana & Coral Glow) and there are different morphs with the same name (Axanthic (MJ), Axanthic (TSK) & Axanthic (VPI)).

What others are like this?

And does anyone have any links/studies/information proof that these are the same/different gene?

Edit: I’m gonna list them below to make this easier.

Banana = Coral Glow
Butter = Lesser
Sugar = Calico

Sugar and calico are the same thing but just different lines as well as butter and lesser. You can find a fair amount of info about both of them being the same

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OWAL Reptiles has a running list on his website. And I believe there is even a thread here as well that covers it too.

Mota = Lucifer = Sauce = LemonBack = DesertLemon

Sulfur = Ember

Candy = Toffee

Ultramel = Burgundy

DesertGhost = Enhancer = Sahara

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Nice one :grin: I’ll get searching now.

Edit: I think I found it…

Yep, that is the one

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prob going to be shunned but monarch and ultramel :joy::rofl: Monarch is just a little cleaner IMO

Has this actually been proven? I know it is suspected (and I agree it is not unlikely) but I have not yet seen anyone actually breed the two lines together

I haven’t either. I have no proof but that’s just my opinion. They are visually very similar so I don’t get the crazy price difference.