Most exciting projects of the year

Here is an exciting clutch that will keep me busy for YEARS to come.

True Ghost x Hypo Enchi Leopard Poss Het Pied (I am pretty sure she will prove just need to find out next season since this was her very first clutch)

The gamble paid off small clutch 6 eggs with only 5 that made it but AMAZING odds (nothing less than hypo leopard and female heavy) including animals with strong het pied markers (to this day I have never been wrong about holding back poss hets based on markers)

So I am VERY excited right now, still a long term project but this might allow me to cut time off and improve my odds.

In a few weeks I will have 10 eggs from True Ghost to Pied hatching as well so this will also make for a nice start and strong foundation for that project.

Just wish I could fast forward 3 years from now.


Very nice! Which line of axanthic is in your true ghost?


Congrats Deborah! Great looking clutch!

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I am working with the TSK line.

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I chose a TSK as my first visual axanthic :slight_smile: are you holding all of them back?

All but one who is going to my best friend. Got to be greedy when the clutch is small and you need all the females you can get on such a long term project


What a fantastic clutch Deb!

Thanks Lee, definitely super excited with those and 1.4 to boot

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Whoa you hit the perfect sex ratio for a 5 egg clutch!

And 3 out of 5 have VERY strong markers, might have used all might luck on those but that’s worth it.


Totally get that! I’d like to get into either true ghost or desert ghost + axanthic in the future

So since that clutch I also hatched some Triple Het True Ghost Pied, odds not so great 7.3 but still a few more females to keep. (good and bad odds it all evens out in the end)

And finally today some Triple Het True Ghost Clown going in the incubator.


That’s really cool Deb! I’ve always worked with recessives myself and those clutches you’re working on is one heck of a project.
And that pied marker in your first post is so beautiful, I would be very proud.
Nice work. Not jealous at all :grin:.

Thanks to me BP breeding is all about goals and challenges to keep it interesting.

This time I admit it’s gonna be a bit crazier than usual

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I think that’s the best part about breeding, the goals we set for ourselves. The challenge I think is also the reward, not monetary necessarily, more for me to reach that combo in a snake I want to see.

That’s how I work my projects, and always have. It’s going to take me roughly 8-12 years to try and produce a Purple Snow Tiger Pied Super Dwarf retic. It’s my goal but it sure will be challenging.

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