Moving recommendations

Hi all. Me and my boyfriend are moving into our first house next month! Just wanted to know if there were any helpful tips for moving our two boys to make it nice and easy for them. Thats a baby pic of the chameleon cuz i dont have any updated but he is a big boy now!

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I don’t know anything about Chameleons so I will let other chime on that.

As far as your Ball Python goes you want to pack it like if you were to ship it, snake bag or pillow case, placed in a box lined with styrofoam or a styrofoam cooler. Heat pack may be needed it will depends on how cool you keep your car when traveling.


Thank you!

Travel considerations are hugely different based on traveling time and season/weather. How long will the trip be and what are the forecast temperatures for your trip?

It’s honestly not far from where we are now, around 30 minutes. And it’ll be around the middle to end of may so it should be starting to warm up here and should be getting into the 70s