My 2020 clutch from my Albey Snow male Adonis

Awhile back, I exchanged posts with @impeccablegecko and @blizzyboldleos on the thread regarding the admission of the Albey Snow as a new morph. I finally went through and found hatchling photos of all the babies from my Albey Snow male Adonis’ final season breeding (2020). I would love to hear everyone’s input regarding whether any of them are Albey Snows.

Adonis was an Albey Snow that I purchased directly from Albey Scholl. (I’ll include a pic of him too because he was adorable!) The dam, Mew, is essentially a Normal with NKH (long story).

Adonis had been bred previously, but not since 2006. I think I can hunt down pics of some of his previous hatchlings if there’s interest. I also had a female Albey Snow, Myrtle, that I also got directly from Albey Scholl. She was bred in 2005 and 2006, and I might be able to hunt down hatchling pics for those as well.


To me, the first two (I think they are separate geckos) look like normals and the others are snows. I don’t know anything about identifying Albey Snows as babies, but those look like snows, so if there aren’t any other genes, then they should be Albey Snows.


Yeltsin definitely, Lizzo and Gentoo are probably as well.


Thank you! That makes sense, as the three of them have stayed noticeably less yellow than their sisters in adulthood. I’ll see if I can take some reasonable quality pics of the 5 of them as adults for comparison. If I’m able I’ll also see if I can find pics of past offspring at hatching.

I was considering breeding at least one of them, but I don’t have a ton of extra room to buy a new Albey male and house a ton of offspring. Though I guess it’s true that the Albeys I’ve had generally were on the smaller side and produced fewer clutches in a breeding season. Plus, though they are NKH, it would probably be wise to check them or any of their offspring for Tremper if there’s any serious intent to reintroduce their bloodlines into anyone’s high-quality project.

Any thoughts on how valuable their genetic contribution could be to the generations to come of Albey Snows? I’ve never parted with any offspring I’ve produced, but I might consider a breeding loan to someone if I produced a male. Is that a thing? Would that be genuinely helpful to the future breeding gene pool?


I had some time and took some pics of them as adults. Also will include their mother, Mew (not an Albey Snow), Nimbus (another female Albey Snow I have that is past breeding age), and better pics of their dad, Adonis (taken when he was in his late teens).






Mew, Nimbus, & Adonis (x3).

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