Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow)

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Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow)

Albey Scholl got his original pair in 1998. Some
pictures and history posted by Albey can be found on his website. (Link below)

In roughly 2006 Albey made the decision to stop
producing Line Bred Snow’s.

Albey did produce a very limited quantity a few
years later, and then stopped working with the Line Bred Snows entirely in 2010-2011ish following the exploding popularity of Mack Snows.

Matt Baronak of SaSobek Reptiles got his first
Albey’s Line Bred Snow male directly from Albey at the NARBC Tinley show in late 2013 or so to the best of his recollection.

Species: Eublepharis macularius

Name of Gene: Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow)

First produced by whom: Albey Scholl (Albey’s “Too Cool” Reptiles

Year First Produced: Albey Scholl purchased his initial breeding stock for the Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow) in 1998

Genetics Type: Polygenic

In complex with other genes?: No

Other names/aliases for it?: No

Description: Overall lighter/whiter coloration as compared to a wild type leopard gecko, but not nearly as light/white as its dominant counterpart, Albey Snow.

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head: All or almost all white with black spots.

  • Body: Ranging from mostly white to a white/yellow background color with black spots.

  • Belly: Normal white belly.

  • Tail: All or almost all white with black spots.

Proven Lines: Albey Scholl’s Line Bred Snow

Related Genes: The dominant Albey Snow.

Proven: Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow) has been line bred since 1998.

Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one? It’s not a new morph, but a morph that was worked with a long time ago and almost lost. With the limited number of Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow) in existence, most people just haven’t heard of them.

Problems: Any problems? No

History: The history behind its discovery? Listed in the intro as well as the link to Albey Scholl’s website below.

Disagreement or Controversy: No

References here on the community:

Links to previous posts on MorphMarket discussing both the Albey Snow and the Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow) as well as links to both Albey Scholl’s and Miles Schwartz’s write ups on the Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow):

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Comparison between a Wild Type and a high quality Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow):

Examples of a few Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow) I produced this year:

Comparison between an Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow) and its sibling, a dominant Albey Snow:

I will continue to post pictures here as we hatch out more Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow) in the future.


I have never seen these before but they are so cool! I personally like them more than the dominant snow. I don’t have room for more animals but when I do I might get one.


They are super neat and have been fun to work with so far!

We currently have a few posted if you want to take a peak to get a better idea check out our MorphMarket store page!


thanks! i will check it out

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Line Bred Snow has been added to the list for the next update