My male retic

Don’t post pics of him much here as i am on the boa pages more. He is a albino purple phase motley. No plans on breeding him as he is just a family pet.


Beautiful boy there, great body condition too, slender, well defined head. I like the darker albinos like this and mochino types. Very nice!


Holy S Tom! That has got to be the nicest retic I’ve seen. If I had the room I’d love a retic like that.

Gorgeous! I love purple albino retics. :purple_heart: One of these days…

Everyone should have one retic if you have boas. Retics always want to eat. So when that stubborn boa wont eat you don’t have to throw the FT rat out.:rofl:

I have always like the purple phase albino retics. But the tiger morph is my favorite.

I use to have a normal purple phase albino named SpongeBob. He was one of the tamest retics I have ever seen. He was given to me as he did not want to eat when he was born. My friend said if you can get him to eat he’s yours. This was when they were worth $800 to $1000.

He went 13 weeks with out eating after he came out of the egg. I had to force feed him 13 times before he started to eat on his own.

I think with all the handling I did with him as a baby made him very tame. He was not head shy at all. And loved coming out with me. He was a big hit at the reptile educational shows I use to do.

Sadly he passed away with a 1 pound tumor in him. I had the fist tumor removed. He was getting better then the tumor came back and he went downhill fast. So I had him put down and buried him in my back yard.

This is when i first got him.

After he started to eat.

Maybe a year before he passed away.


My plan is to get a boa as my next snake (I’m probably about 6 months or so out from pulling that trigger), and then to get a dwarf or super dwarf retic a year or two after that. I’ve always loved retics. A purple albino would be a dream come true, but we’ll see what I can reasonably afford when the time comes.

Though I have a blood python who will pretty much eat anything, anytime, anywhere, so I already have my garbage disposal. :joy:

Both your purple albino boys are/were absolutely stunning. So glad you were able to get SpongeBob feeding and got to enjoy his beauty and sweetness for the time you had him! He was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them both.


Some new pictures of Titan going back in his cage after I cleaned it.


Looking great! Purple albino and motley go so well together! Retics are so awesome!


I hope to live somewhere where I can own one of these magnificent creatures…one day.


Maybe we can go halves on one Riley, I won’t tell. :rofl:


I would be good with that :upside_down_face:. She can stay at my house lol :joy:.


Just move to Pittsburgh. They don’t care what you keep as long as it isn’t native. And then you get to have a friendly neighborhood Logan who wants to come over and see your boas and retic everyday.