My son's snakes has gotten out and I would like do something nice for his birthday

Hi my son has lost 2 of hes corn snaks have some how got out is there still a way to find them at all. Plus hes 16th birthday is coming soon and i would like to get him an other snak but I don’t know where to start for him he has got corn snakes and bull pythons


I’m so sorry to hear that. Here are a couple links where you might find helpful information:
Lost snake. Escape artist

My spicy baby escaped

Hopefully you will find helpful info in both of these threads.
Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Welcome to the forum! This is such a kind thing you’re doing, coming here to help your son out.

Here’s my best tip for finding the snakes.

You take the heat pad with attached thermostat still regulating it from their enclosure, and put it inside a dark box with a hole in the side or one end open. then put that box against the wall in the room you think the snake is maybe in, and plug the thermostat and heatpad combo in so it makes a nice warm dark box hide for the snake to find. Set a little cup of water next to the opening. They may be sniffing for water to drink.

The best two bets are the room their enclosure was in, and then if your house has stairs, possibly the cellar/basement as well.

If you have more than one heat pad, set up little warm caves like this in as many places as possible. Then every morning, go around and check them all.

What you’re doing is making a nice warm dark place with water nearby where a snake might want to hide. You can even thaw out one of their mice and rub the scent around the hidey hole.

It helps to learn to think like a snake:
Snakes like to find the darkest most quiet place they can, that is also perhaps warm. Under the Oven/stove, under the fridge, inside shoes in a closet. They also tend to stick to the baseboards when they explore a house, staying against the wall, so if you put your hand on the wall and then just start following the wall until it gets to a dead end point, often that is a good spot to set up your Warm Den Trap.

They also like to go DOWN. Which I why I mentioned the basement.

When I did try to find my lost tiny snake, I followed the wall and realized it meant going down all the stairs all the way to my basement and into the laundry room down there. Guess who I found in the Warm Hide Trap the very next morning, IN that basement? Never underestimate how far a little noodle can go!


The advice giving above is great advice.
I do have to do this. I would not get another snake until you have a secured enclosure. And I would work on making waht you have more secured or find a different way of keeping them. The reason I am doing this is to help this from happening again. Not to put anyone down or to make anyone feel bad. Corns can escape very easily, through the smallest gaps or holes.

Can I ask what you are using to keep them in and your setup?

To answer your other question about corn or ball, you can secure balls easier, but you still need a secured setup.


Thank you for your kind words i will pass this on to my son x


We have found one of the snakes this morning so there is still hope then x


Oh congratulations!
There is always hope- some people find their escaped snakes months or even years later!


I just hope we can find hes other one . We have some floorboards that are up just incase he is under them x


Keep trying! It should pay off :smiling_face_with_tear: